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Posted by Nefertari on 01/18

I'm not complaining, but elbow seems a little overpowered to me. I am a level 4 str/con/dex and I disorient on roughly half of my elbows. (I use it alot) This just seems a bit excessive and disorient doesn't do much to mobs, but from my pk exp, it does a great deal to pk'ers. Nefertari - Egyptian Goddess.

From: Rufus Sunday, January 17, 02:39PM

The ratio you are seeing is likely because your relative strength compared to a mob of similar level is relatively high (it's why choke is also WAY overpowered at lower levels... mobs don't tend to have 60-70 dex before level 25 or so, players often achieve these numbers before reaching 10). -Ruf

From: Nefertari Sunday, January 17, 03:04PM

aye, now explain why I used to get disoriented almost every time I was elbowed in pk.

From: Mandarb Sunday, January 17, 03:07PM

I suppose rufus could be correct, except that choke isn't dex vs. dex like it should be. A subject for another day. -Mandarb

From: Celeste Monday, January 18, 01:02AM

Yeahp, Mandarb has a really good point there. Celeste de Rais

From: Sandra Monday, January 18, 01:31AM

Well, choke is actually dex vs dex on whether or not you land it or fail.


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