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Posted by Fright on 01/18

OK, someone mentioned this in an above post, and it got me thinking about these things a little more. I don't recall exactly why they were yanked but I assume it was because they were overpowered one way or another. Fine What I want to know is why they can't be re-introduced. I mean, 10k rent is not easy to come by these days, with weapons up around 6.5k average (in pkill), more damroll items etc. It used to be that you could have every cool item in the game at once, well characters are far from being able to rent them all now. A character giving up 10k rent for a ring has to give up a lot of damroll, or damage on a weapon. There are no 600hp dex/perc characters running around here anymore. I just wanted to start this thread to hear others thoughts about it. Fright

From: Zeppelin Monday, January 18, 07:23AM

One thing wrong with them was the -50hp.... it messes the math. For example, a con char with 600hp does 30hp dam per round, and a 300hp dex does 60hp per round lets say (hows its supposed to work). Now, with sanc -- the con fighter has 550 doubled worth of hitpts for 1100, whereas the dex fighter has 250 doubled for 500. Clearly now the con fighter should outlast the dex fighter. Not sure, but the math should be hte same with con vs str. The only way to balance them would be to give them +/- 0hp. It would have to have some other detriment. The problem, tho, remains: ALL pkers would have to use one. You couldnt win without one most likely. Maybe they could be re-introduced with limited sanc, ie a 10-15% reduction in damage? Zep

From: Adolfus Monday, January 18, 10:41AM

I think Rufus was trying to give the strongest message he could that he wouldn oops, wouldnt put them back in, for whatever reason. I liked them myself and think they would make the higher levels more like they should be, but Rufus has at least come across lately like hes being very open minded, since he did agree there was a problem with higher level mobs, xp etc, Ill take his word for it that sanc rings are too much trouble. Though I don't plan on leveling any chars past lvl 40 till things are fixed. Maybe Rufus could outline his thoughts on fixing this, is anything actively being worked on, or are you still formulating ideas?

From: Rufus Monday, January 18, 11:18AM

I'll outline eventually, the problem with sanc rings was that yes, everyone needed one to be competative, and even if you could equip a level 40 char with every piece of possible gear they needed besides said ring, a level 50 char would not only have the 10 levels of hit table position, they would also have twice as many hps. The system was designed originally not to involve sanc, it was intented to be used for a select few mobs (and when sanc was removed from the game, only 7 mobs had it) and never for player use. Sanc was one thing that also contributed to the power of higher level mobs, unfortunately. Something we haven't gone over and rebalanced since the xp scale change. more on this later. -Ruf

From: Ma Monday, January 18, 12:07PM

Back when they were around, even snipers and high mind dex mages had a lot of hps.. They couldn't possibly work now. My clanned would gain 600 hps from them while those char types he can beat pretty easy already would only gain 350 or so. I'd gain from them big time but still don't wanna see them return.

From: Zeppelin Monday, January 18, 12:49PM

I agree, sanc makes the balancing too hard. However, thats not too say I wouldnt like to see the 2 rings in question get re-evaluated. Possibly adding armor/stats/more hp/more rent/non-timed or some such combe to them. Zep


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