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XP vs. Class

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Posted by DeathSpawn on 01/19

I was thinking a bit about the current xp system, and about how i have noticed that it is much easier to level certain types of chars than some others. I don't know how much coding this would take but what if the different classes of people.. be it sniper/fighter or healer or whatever, Have a different experience scale to work with It is very hard for me to level my mage in this system.. and it was easy for me to level a druid/fighter.. so why not balance it out and make it the same for both? I mean it still took me about 250 hours to get to 50 but it wasn't forever.. i have nearly 200 hours on DS and am only level 25.. If there was a seperate xp scale.. for maybe my hometown/stat order something like that.. then maybe i would be able to level like other people.. i just find it extremely hard to level and hard to get into the "mob flow" just killing small mobs my level over and over and over and over.. it's boring.. this would just make the whole boring process run a little bit faster for the people who have it hard. DeathSpawn-Low level for Life! {LLFL}

From: Kaige Monday, January 18, 10:30PM

Kinda makes the point of a classless system moot, no? And what of the people who choose one stat order to start with, yet find that's not what they end up with somewhere down the road. Those people get stuck with that particular scale forever? Or are the coders supposed to whip it up so that you can slide seamlessly back and forth between the scales and pick and choose whichever's perceived to be the most beneficial at the moment? (In essence a whole new aspect and twist to levelling gear?) -Kaige

From: Zeus Monday, January 18, 11:04PM

mages are supposed to be harder to level

From: DeathSpawn Tuesday, January 19, 01:33AM

Well, i am not implying that you add classes to the mud, just was a thought on how you could make it equal in leveling.. i've seen muds that have a sort of performance point system thing where like the max is 10000 points and a whole bunch of diff factors are added in.. from 1 being having the worst performance and 10000 being the best Just an idea.. don'tknow if this would take mega coding but it works well DeathSpawn-Lowbie for life

From: Fairfax Tuesday, January 19, 02:42AM

However, mages are only hard to level if you insist on cast levels, and voluntarily refuse to learn bandage and a few fighting skills to even out the character a little. I always thought the difficulty at lower levels was a voluntary sacrifice on the mage's part, and that would be offset by some pretty nifty cast levels at higher levels to make things easier? It would be unfair to make a low-level mage easier to level, because he doesn't have to be hard. It's a player decision not to learn skills, and until the cast-level system is changed to perhaps a skilltrees-type system, where the more you use a word the better the chances of that word working etc, mages with diapers are always going to be a nightmare, and rightfully so to reflect their power at the end. Fairfax M.B.B.S. (Madras), who can't even chant, so he can talk -halo-

From: Siachet Tuesday, January 19, 05:17AM

I am currently building 7 2nd or 3rd circle mage characters. All my mage characters get all the words first. I don't really have a problem with the time they take to build. Its more that fighter characters are too ridiculously fast. Having said that, the cast level problem for lowbie mages is a pain, and I like the idea of fixing that by making cast level depend on mind at the lower levels (I can't remember the details). Anyway, I don't necessarily think that mage characters should be harder except in the sense that words are more difficult to find and use mana. Ideally lowbie mages would be able to make better use of their spells, and not have to switch between word-learning and fighting gear. This could be achieved with some sort of fix to the very high spell fail rates at low levels. Sia

From: Tiamat Tuesday, January 19, 05:28PM

Having played more than a few mages myself I personally cant se what all the fuss is about. While I must agree it is easier at lower levels to level a fighter I cant say I have ever had a problem leveling a mage. The simple fact is if you want it to go fairly quickly you should sacrifice one or two practices at low levels to learn a fight skill or two. The one or two cast levels on a few of your spells you lose will be absolutely meaningless once you reach the 30+ level range. I followed that practice with this character and now at level 50 I cant honestly remember the last time I failed a spell cast. The problem isn't so much that mages take forever to level, but I think more so on how you try and level them. Tiamat

From: Mo Tuesday, January 19, 06:14PM

The way I level mages, which is by no means the fastest nor the most efficient, is to zoom through easy mobs on levels 1-3 and then use xp rooms til lvl 5, at which point you should have the spell you use most (be it stun or sink) and have at least one practice to learn kick, bash, or headbutt. Personally, all spells learned at 25 or before will not fail miserably (altho their duration may hurt a bit, but they'll STILL last long enough for you to meditate to full even if you cast ALL yer prep spells -- those useful ones :p) and if you are building a 3rd circle mage with all words, no matter how you go about it, you'll have to learn a few words past lvl 25 (1 or 2) anyway. So why bother getting that one extra level of cast level unless you want to go through 49 levels of slooooow lvlling? You can only have -ONE- useful spell you can maximize cast lvl in, it doesn't hurt much at all to have the rest bumped down a level. Mo!


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