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Posted by Mo on 01/19

Seeing as how low mind sink is virtually worthless, and damage from fire is still pretty heavy (on the gear -- I've had a bee and a poets ring go to falling apart, a cobra to heavily, and various others to minorly to moderately in ONE pk bout) how about making armor spell or sink spell at least prevent the eq damage associated with the darn spell? Honestly don't like pking if each fight forces me into must-tf situation, and worse even if i can't even finish the fight for the fear of one more immolate destroying half my gear. Mo!

From: Fright Tuesday, January 19, 03:15AM

If you have a problem with your eq getting damaged, maybe you shouldn't have jumped me? Fright

From: Mo Tuesday, January 19, 04:56AM

Nah, it was Mandarb's duel i posted this for. Poets ring, bee, cobra going to falling apart in that duel. Yers wasn't that bad.

From: Fright Tuesday, January 19, 01:40PM

Ah. Well it sure could have been with ring of fire on and 8 immolates or there abouts. Fright

From: Tiamat Tuesday, January 19, 05:35PM

Must be hard to want all the benifits of a real mage (3rd circle) while you are only a bastard mage (2cd circle). The way I see it if you want to play a 2cd circle mage in pkill you cant really expect to have things changed just because a real mage can trash your equipment. Every character type has to have some sort of drawback... Tiamat

From: Mo Tuesday, January 19, 06:19PM

The big problem is, it is a tad bit too much considering that gear is the most annoying thing to replace on this mud. Hell, why not give str fighters more chance to damage eq, and even have simple skill damage allowed to do damage on eq? I'd love to see how much eq damage an 89 pt backstab or a 60 pt elbow would translate to. Mo!


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