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ideas on charmies

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Posted by Rufus on 01/26

Okay, I've added the code for these, however I thought I'd run this by folks before we install... Currently the following are permanent until dispelled or killed (or the commander rents completely out) Elemental spells Homunculus Doppels The following will be made the same: Dancing swords Animated undead And the following will with restrictions (based on a roll against castor mind): Greater summoned creatures will be perm until dispelled if they pass the mind check, HOWEVER, they will load with half their max hps (eg, they will have to be healed or they will have to regen before they are at full hps) -- the tradeoff for them being perm. Any thoughts? -Ruf

From: Mo Monday, January 18, 08:15PM

Making the cause charmies permanent is a great idea, although in my experience they tend to be slightly stronger than the create ones (dancing sword) if they put the time in them. As far as greater summoneds, i was under the impression that the only ones that weren't permanent were those demon types, and elementals (the greater ones) were permanent... And seeing as to how i tend to use greater as fodder for mostly just one fight, i'd rather have them timed than pop in at half hps Mo!

From: Adolfus Monday, January 18, 09:41PM

What are your thoughts on a charm person, charm animal spells?

From: Zeus Monday, January 18, 11:07PM

doesnt affect me, but i agree with Mo

From: Rufus Monday, January 18, 11:17PM

Charm animal is a skill to go in with skilltrees (a druid skill) and mesmerize will likely be a skill and not a spell. -Ruf

From: Davien Monday, January 18, 11:27PM

Ahhh my angel pops after a while, and always has, plus I think I might have had a titan pop earlier, can't remember. As for the changes proposed, well, ummmmmmmmmmm not really sure. I guess it would be good to have a perm angel, and seeing you have to med after summoning them anyway, ordering them to sleep while you do it shouldn't be THAT onerous. With that in mind, sounds like a great change Rufus, though until we see it in practice, I have no idea what I think :-) Davien Holyoake.

From: Mo Monday, January 18, 11:49PM

Angels, Titans, Demons pop after x ticks (Dune and Agni told me this) but 'greaters' such as salamanders, golems, air and water elementals don't, as far as i could recall (I remember somebody having them resting and hiding at tara altar til he found ppl to jump). I don't know how many here use Angels, Titans and Demons for over a battle with a huge mob (I personally found them a huge xp drain otherwise, or just too much a chore to bring them around different time zones, waiting for them to heal, etc, but that was also cuz they were timed, i guess) nor how many create mages just bring them around as pets, but speaking strictly from my experience, they were used instantly after being called forth. In terms of pk (i know you'll love hearing this, ruf :p), having them at half hps would be a major drawback if a 3rd create wanted to participate in the pk tourney or use them at full effect when defending themselves from a jump. Mo!

From: Adolfus Tuesday, January 19, 12:58AM

Id think that would be the idea Mo, about them starting out at half hp being a pain in pkill. Would reward planning ahead of time. They can regen hp while you regen your mana, haha. I think its a good idea not to have em start at full hp.

From: Mo Tuesday, January 19, 01:21AM

Don't think you ever pk'd with a 3rd create, and it's pretty painful as it is if you are actually trying to use these silly creatures in combat, without their hps starting out at half. Give them their old holy light, and then they may be actually useful again :p

From: T-Bone Tuesday, January 19, 03:54AM

Sweet, when I started reading I figured it was leading to "dopples etc will now poof too". I'm amazed!

From: Heretic Tuesday, January 19, 08:10AM

I disagree, I feel that it would greatly weaken the create mage if the summoned starts at half hp. Its bad enough to wait for hp or mana, don't want to have to wait for a summon too. I rather lose the perm and keep the full hp. Also remeber that the summon is the only one that is not affected by detect illusion. Heretic, the one and only.

From: Shine Tuesday, January 19, 09:03AM

Hmm, it seems druids will have good new skill. It means I will make a druid soon. -chuckle- Shine, the son of Aaron!

From: Adolfus Tuesday, January 19, 03:16PM

Shine, unfortunately just because they get a cool skill, dont mean it will be usable, you probably know that but id hate to see you make a char for a skill that sucked hehe. Didn't I hear that mesmerize was basically worthless, ie you cant use mesmerize to initiate combat? You know ride is near the same as charm animal, when using warcry, but although you can try to ride elephants, there arent any very high level horses that I know of. In fact there are some moderately high level horses I know of that can't be ridden. Hope these skills are cool. So skilltrees are about finished huh :P

From: Myrella Tuesday, January 19, 10:17PM

I must say I like the ideas presented but how about the caster being able to choose if it is a permanent greater summoned at the time of casting? Not sure how easy that would be but it would let the caster have a bit more flexibility depending on how badly they need the creature. Myrella

From: Mugwump Wednesday, January 20, 10:53AM

Given that summoned creatures can eat roots forever without getting full, there would be an easy (though mana expensive way) to get them to full hp fast, if that was what you were after. I think this is a good idea overall, but not sure what is meant by "if they pass the mind check". what happens if they fail?

From: Mo Wednesday, January 20, 04:41PM

Hrm, didnt know summoned creatures could eat roots forever without getting full, never actually tried overfeeding them. Even if that was the case tho, that would be the equivalent of jacking up the mana cost on the summoneds by a few hundred (depending on your mind) and given that it already takes a really sizable chunk of your total mana, that isn't really preferable... maybe create spells that don't do damage should be halved in their mana cost too :p

From: Adolfus Wednesday, January 20, 10:58PM

Not exactly the equivalent, of raising the mana, since you can wait for them to heal. Since they don't poof you can, make one and go fix a snack, or watch a movie etc. Maybe there should be some charmed mobs that are timed, not sure that it should be the most powerful one though. I think its all very logical, though I could see were create ppl would want them as powerful as possible. Hehe, did you really mean what you said on your page Mo about only posting to make things better for your pkillers. Don't think thats an exact quote, but sorta right.

From: Rufus Thursday, January 21, 01:25AM

Okay, I looked at the arguments and made a few adjustments... the chance for getting a perm greater summoning creature has decreased a slight bit (no, I'm not even going to hint at the number) the castor will get a message that their creature is under their complete control, and the mob will load with 3 to 30 less hps than its max (so may a root and a half healing or a couple rounds). -Ruf

From: Killer Friday, January 22, 05:12AM

Being a create mage myself, i always thought demons should be permanent. A About this starting at half Hp tho, I mean they take 200 mana to summon in the first place, that's enuff of a downfall for the spell in my opinion. As for pk considerations I could care less and yeah even tho U have to meditate after summoning, what happens when yer fighting a mobile he kills yer demon, and you flee to summon another? You would then have to wait for it to heal to tank I think with the expense of the spell the creature should be perm without coming in at half hp, or the cost of the spell should be lowered but then that's just my 2 cents and I'm just an old player right. Shiva

From: Vinnie Sunday, January 24, 08:07PM

I haven't played a create mage in some time, but I think that a simple spell to 'dismiss' summoned creatures would be handy, especially if you're in another era and can't summon a new angel because you left one someplace else.

From: Rufus Tuesday, January 26, 11:31PM

hrm, any sort of dismiss command would likely require the castor to be in the same room. Dispel magic has the same affect (though it may take a tick or so for the mob to go away). -Ruf


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