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Rent on Herbs!

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Posted by Mo on 01/19

Should be at least made uniform among herbs that do the same thing, the only thing i see that is not on stores is oregano (then again, i could be wrong) and sweet scented leaves, but there are others that have the same rent, some twice or four times as much rent while doing the exact same thing! (not to mention those huge herbs) Why not make rent universal, say 15 coins for everything other than those that give cool effects like fly, invis, see invis? :p Mo!

From: Rufus Monday, January 18, 11:18PM

They are generally priced with 15 per way of using them. Hence some which can be used to flavor, foul, brew poultice and poison cost quite a bit. -Ruf

From: Mo Monday, January 18, 11:48PM

any plans to lower the rent on herbs that aren't sold? i feel really bad when i use my oregano, it takes so long to find them! ;)

From: Celeste Tuesday, January 19, 02:33AM

I don't know if this is too much info here, but if it's about 15 rent per effect, aren't herbs like barberries too renty then? Celeste de Rais


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