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Posted by DeathSpawn on 01/19

Curio hours suck.. should be changed... no shops are gonna close at 6 pm. Bah. Bah Bah Bah DeathSpawn-Lowbie for life

From: Danar Tuesday, January 19, 03:53PM

He's an old man, DS. Leave em alone. ;P Danar

From: Mo Tuesday, January 19, 06:34PM

Why on earth do you need the curio for, anyway?

From: Tiamat Tuesday, January 19, 07:01PM

Just a though but at the time period of London the working day was 12 hours, stands to reason the shop should be open for 12 hours. say 8am-8pm or such. Also, I as Mo says I can only think of one thing you need from the curio shop and it's a one time purchase.. Tiamat


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