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Posted by Rufus on 01/20

Keep the suggestions coming, though it's better to forward them to a particular builder in whose area it might fit rather than posting them here. And the liklihood of items going into areas already in the mud is low. Unfortunately, you'll just have to wait for 'cool new areas' for 'cool new eq' and about 4-5 items MAYBE per area. -Ruf

From: Sandra Tuesday, January 19, 05:52PM

I'd love some ideas on items for the next area I'm working on. Industrial Pittsburgh is set in the 1930's, and in continuing with the way I did some items in boston, I'd like ideas on what to put in Pittsburgh as well. Also, any types of mob acts you'd like to see go in will be appreciated as well. Sandra

From: DeathSpawn Tuesday, January 19, 06:16PM

Since no real equipment to help surgeons is around, how about a 5 spir scalpel? or high spir/mind with some -'s just an idea.. never see anything around to help snipers DeathSpawn-lowbie for life

From: Mo Tuesday, January 19, 06:41PM

Heh. Industrial Pittsburgh might be able to offer better type of ore that can be used to forge something seriously useful (yeah!), or in general have newbie AC eq that is comparable to that of HoL. Also, unless i'm mistaken, i think that was more of a steel industry, so how about items that give 'resistance to fire' effect (worn about body - apron?), negates blind (those nifty visors steel workers use.. or is that a bit later?) and in general some lame excuse for a +5 con bracelet, +5 str leggings, +mind held with +mana equivalent of hernes, +con held with +hps equivalent of hernes... -cackle- Mob acts - a nasty mob with an act that 'pushes' you into a DT (preventable if you are flying, let's say, or if you have protection from fire) or if not a DT, at least a room akin to the lake of fire in klein with, say, an exit that is only reachable thru flight :p Mmm, other than that, a mob that changes tf gear into mend or repair by adding rent and charging money, a mob that will heal you by sapping your mvs and rendering you 'stunned' for duration of minutes equal to hps being healed -- 20 ticks stunned to heal 600 pts :p (but, for kicks, have that stun non-wake able and have agg mobs wander around ;) I could go on, but excessive dreaming takes toll in my perception of reality. Mo!

From: Zeppelin Tuesday, January 19, 07:26PM

cool idea's mo (not sure I like the DT one, but could live with it if theres a warning a few rooms b4 -- doesnt have to be TOO obvious a warning).

From: DeathSpawn Tuesday, January 19, 07:47PM

correction.. snipers = surgeons on my last append =P

From: Adolfus Tuesday, January 19, 11:31PM

Doh, Mo said it before I could. About the fire restistance I mean. Specifically though, id like to see an asbestos longcoat, -2 sv fire, -20 ac, and depending on how you view the times. Either 7 con -2 str, or 7str -2 con, though I must say we need good con eq much more than dex or -str- poke trigger, eq. The reasoning would be either they didnt know asbestos was bad for you but it did unawares to them zap -str-, hrm cant remember why I thought it might be -str- the other new coat covers that area id think. pleas, more nice con eq comparable to the str and dex eq around. Personally, id think protection from blind would be a bit much, from a balancing perspective. I was thinking glasses with medium cast level mana sink would be neat, but not sure about the reasoning. Oh im talking about stuff to put on hrm strike that last sentence. What might be feasible is once again prot fire on glasses, with decent ac, -3 or so hr, and only about 1400 rent or so. Instead of exploding potions, you could have a cauldron of some kind nonrentable, that would hold molten slag, that was throwable. Make it extra heavy, id say 60 str min to pick it up, and when thrown it does maybe 1d20, with a chance to set victim on fire, somewhere along the lines of immoliate. Id think it need to be only fillable in your area, good reason to come back :P And possibly if you screwed up filling it, no not based on dex but more like you have to wait for message that its safe to enter the room to refill etc, if you just barged in theres a chance for DT. Possibly the containers could be made rentable but if they were so heavy there wouldnt be much need id think. Just have maybe 6-10 of em around in different rooms. Maybe they load full, but only one room your able to refill them. Anyway theres some ideas. Oh for a quest, really hard quest were you come out of it with perm -1 or -2 sv fire. Though id think messing up the quest might need to be only death by fire and not a DT, otherwise ppl would get crappy eq to do it? Another twist could be that it reduces damage to fire by half or so, or only damage to eq, but if you hit a DT. you would have to repeat the quest, or gasp, lost fire prot. forever! Comments welcome.

From: Rufus Wednesday, January 20, 12:30AM

before you go off on what items should have, you should realize that legend doesn't have saving throws =P Ruf

From: DeathSpawn Wednesday, January 20, 12:47AM

yeah, they don't but, wouldn't it be 'cool'?? -duck-

From: Adolfus Wednesday, January 20, 01:27AM

So a quest to learn dodge or deal with flame stuff like dodging stuns, either player learns a way to sometimes dodge the attack, say you need 100 in str con or dex, and maybe theres 3 different quests for each, and a different way to do it. Or one does the quest and gets a certain amount of coded resistence. However much flame resistance yall wanted to code, however you wanted to code it, it would be cool. The whois can be: Has underwent a trial by fire. or something similiar. Rufus what were ppl telling me about some eq that makes you resistant to fire in some way or other. They pretty much insisted it exists though they said it was too high rent to be practical. Course they didnt know specifically where it was etc, if this is true just how does it work? Which brings up another question. If there is know way to tell a piece of eq makes you resistant to fire, through typing score, status etc, how would one ever find out about this eq unless an imm told them? I understand status showing certain bonuses now, such as parry, etc and thats awesome just wanted to voice a bit of concern about how stuff can have cool effects but noone never know about them, unless its changed to show in status etc. Not saying that this is even the case with any piece of eq around, just that the only source of info about what a piece of eq does, shouldnt be an imm's player should it? About saving spells, sorta anyway? Does protection from evil actually do anything here? Yah there is a piece of eq that gives prot from evil for you players. Maybe we can give the boobie prize to someone who can name it. Since it gets not much use, not sure if it does anything, hence the question. -rambles on

From: Mandarb Wednesday, January 20, 05:13PM

I think if you do something like make permanant prot. fire, your going to destroy balance, because as soon as you do that, you have to give protection from anything else people "want" at the time. And its just one downward spiral. This is coming from 3rd cause mage, so you may think I'm biased, but in reality, I agree. I think immolate does good damage for the price, but eq damage is just out rageous. On the other hand, It is extremely hard for me to killing one with a sword. Correct me if I'm wrong, but dex fighters aren't exactly feared by anyone, so maybe for the time being the damage on eq is kinda a you beat me so I destroy your gear thing, though I seriously doubt thats why it was imp'd. I don't really have any ideas, but I think perm anything other then stats is a really bad idea. -Mandarb

From: Trample Wednesday, January 20, 05:36PM

first of all let me agree with Mandarb and point out a certain beowulf item which is simply rediculous to begin with. secondly, I really don't care what "should" be in the area, I care more about the EQ needed in the game itself. something like a new 5 stat shield that's -not- timed, maybe perc. (hoping perc) and a nice mid level con weapon would also be nice. And for a third item, I suggest a gun, a VERY accurate gune with a +3+2 stat, which of course would have rediculous rent. And only hold one shot of ammo only obtainable in that area. (or even from that mob) oh, and one other thing, I'd like to see a nice alternative to a brahman s staff, which I don't think exists. -beep- this has been random babbles from a Tramp.

From: Adolfus Wednesday, January 20, 11:07PM

When I say prot fire, I dont mean exactly the same prot fire thats given by the spell necessarily. Whatever the imms think is fair and not unbalancing, if it was just reduction on damage done to eq and no reduction in damage to players, that would be one way to go. I generally just give ideas, and let the imms worry about the fine tuning. Sorta like saying, wither is really puny spell it needs to do more, doesnt translate to make it so it does 100 damage and sleeps person with no lag, etc. Just seems with the steel industry there should be something to do with flame based stuff, and given too much eq gets damaged from flames it might be a cool thing. Anyway, how about a piece of eq in there with ring of fire on it. danka


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