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Posted by Mo on 01/21

Would just like to know how this issue fared. Or if it was given any further consideration since the last time I posted this. Mo!

From: Fright Wednesday, January 20, 05:34AM

I think players embraced it mostly and the imms (somehwat understandably) shied away from it. (maybe its too much work, or unbalancing, I don't know The link between pkill and mob kill is allready there in the form of levelling, eq and areas. (they are common to both) so I am not sure that any seperation in the way one unclans is necessarily going to pull pkill and mobkill apart. Fright

From: Trample Wednesday, January 20, 05:45PM

good point Fright, I agree.

From: Rufus Thursday, January 21, 01:19AM

I and ladyace replied with a few ideas concerning it. Installing such would be a large project and there are logistic problems with it as well (the example that comes to mind is how to handle grouped kills, as such a system should not encourage SOLELY 1 on 1 combat, nor overly reward for grouped combat, or ganging up on someone). Also, the way damage is tracked would have to be rewritten so as to allow a point system that discourages rather than encourages multi. It is a large issue, and one that may well get looked into in the future, but our coding plate is far too large even if we found every single breathing creature who could code and would be interested in coding on legend to address said issue as prompt as some may like. Just because we stop posting doesn't mean we stop listening. Ask any immort. I log on probably 4 or 5 times a day and the first thing I do is read all the new posts on the discussion board =P -Ruf


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