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Posted by Mo on 01/22

How about moving cure light to non-cause/non-create (say, make it vid drva or guh vya) so that create mages have at least some means to heal themselves when they are full? Seems to me it's rather sad for create mages to wait for hp regen long after mana regen is done when they're simply full -- not to mention them not being able to take advantage of a great deal of in-game healing and other nifty effects out here. Mo!

From: Adolfus Wednesday, January 20, 04:51AM

Hehe, see theres reasons I never made a create pkiller. We go pampering them too much and there be greater demons all over stomping everyone.

From: Fright Wednesday, January 20, 05:37AM

How about making a create or shared spell that makes you hungry? Fright

From: Mandarb Wednesday, January 20, 05:17PM

Personally I'd like to see the create heal spell much like cause. ATM, a create mage 2nd circle can, when hungry, heal as many or even more hp with less mana then a cause mage with 3rd circle. This seems extremely unbalanced, and, I think it would really benefit the 3rd creates if you made a 3rd create rudh based spell that healed without eating. This way, the 2nd still get there awesome heal for hardly any mana, and, the 3rds get a bonus for being 3rd. I think it would also maybe make it a bit more balanced if roots were mind based, as every other heal spell/skill is in the game. Just a few thoughts, I'm sure you've got a match, and I just put on the gas, flame away! -Mandarb

From: Mo Wednesday, January 20, 06:48PM

Mmm. how about coding a wfw version of roots, one that heals and heals and heals! Or how about a spell that saps hps from a greater summoned? The greater summoned costing tons of mana as it is, make the spell cost some, and it won't be too unbalancing :p Or, how about an empathic version of 'steal hunger' spell? It could be used both offensively and defensively, you take away the target's hunger and replace it with your hunger level. Of course it'd be non-agg, you're just saving them the trouble of eating :p Mo!

From: North Wednesday, January 20, 07:04PM

hey, maybe someone could make the fill value of roots inversely proportional to the caster's mind. Low mind = filling roots, high mind = lite roots. Same heal value for both. As is it, while create might get "more healing than 3rd circle cause" when starving, it takes a while to get to starving, and regen rates while starving are lower than while full. Create heals fast once, but Cause is back in the game much quicker than create for extended campaigns, and at full strength (able to heal). North

From: Mo Wednesday, January 20, 08:27PM

mmm. as far as getting back into the game goes, it's hard to beat a drummer, really.

From: Celeste Friday, January 22, 02:52AM

Mmm, I like North's idea of the fill value of roots being inversely proportional. Celeste de Rais


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