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Posted by Sandra on 01/30

Ok, I'm moving the post down here, so that I can get specific on what people want to see in a new industrial area. Now, keep in mind that Pittsburgh will be set in 1930, and is a steel town, and I will ignore outrageous requests. =P I want ideas of what you think is missing as far as stat eq, and what you'd like to see. But keep balance in mind, as well as what will fit in with the area. A held mind +mana item, for example, as much as I'd love to make one, won't really fit. So, append your thoughts and ideas, and I'll see what I can do to get some of these things in! Sandra

From: Mo Wednesday, January 20, 06:29PM

In addition to those i've suggested before: Ball bearings, throwable, non-juggle (or made so juggling is only possible with HIGH dex) that affects the victim with bash. :p +5 con bracelets (again mentioned, cuz, we need them!) and +5 con rings (the existing one is renty :p) under the pretext of protecting fingers and wrists from injury :p Gears that are REALLY hard to dent -- or a quest that changes the material of existing gear or a mob that does so -- currently, it's a pain for figthers, really. Weapon breakers! Have it occupy two held slots (and a str req to wield them) with %chance to destroy weapons depending on weapon weight.. haha. (oh, that should read, when the holder of the weapon breaker parries an attack) A real machine gun, one that keeps firing without having to type in additional shoot commands at the specified target, without skill lag of shoot (the shots themselves should be spaced out tho, but you could, say, still kick). Of course, the drawback should be that once you are shooting, you are immobile unless you have tremendeous str (and even then, a huge mv cost) and that you can't (obviously) wield a weapon. Mo!

From: Zeppelin Wednesday, January 20, 07:17PM

5 con bracelet (was that already there?) =P 5 dex +hitroll staff (comparable to the kitty no spell) 5 something dagger that casts weaken Q5 more +hp non-timed eq (like the Kraken -- offset with rent) items comparable to Hernes (read: extremely comparable) more +5 net shields more +5 net shoes/boots more +5 net gloves more +5 net face items (how about reading glasses?) another quest to adjust alignment (non once per char) another couple time transes that are group-friendly drink container called 'a large beer bottle' And, last but not least, something that works perfectly for my stats -cackle- 4 con 1 mind -10 ac STEAL helmet (non-evil) Zep

From: Bryn Wednesday, January 20, 07:22PM

More guns n' stuff would be spiffy, right now there are two that nearly all snipers use. I know that guns with stats wouldn't fly, but there were definite qualitative differences in the guns that were around back then. I.E. A colt .45 had a lot more stopping power than a .38, but the .38 was bunches n' bunches more reliable. Ooh. Ideas. A cool shotgun, maybe one that had a chance of hitting more than one target, due to the spread? Or a sawed-off: insanely innacurate, but packs an enormous wallop. Or how about a Tommy gun, the quintisential gangster submachine gun, with the 50-round drum. Also hugely innacurate, and unreliable, but with 50 round drums you could pretty much shoot all day, and the rate of fire made up for the innacuracy. Of course they sometimes blew up. How about a homing device-which they did have back then, they use one in the Jimmy Cagney movie "White Heat"- which, once you put one on your victim (with a check to see if the victim noticed) gives you a hunt on the target from anywhere in the same era until rented out. I think the idea of items like a fire apron-items which confer resistance to fire-is a good one, ditto the idea (I think it was Mo's) of goggles that confer a resistance or immunity to blindess. As far as stat eq which is missing, I agree that more +con stuff would be handy. I guess that's it for now. Bryn.

From: Mo Wednesday, January 20, 08:29PM

Just for clanned kicks, a timed bomb like thing that costs large amounts of cash to buy, and makes police-type mobs agg to you if you are carrying them -- we could play clanned or unclanned hot potato by giving them to ppl :p As far as guns go, how about a gun that can be wielded as a con (hitting with the back) or str/dex (bayonet), but, say, q4 or so, and having % chance of shooting on its own? Shoot having a ton of side effects, it could be very interesting in pk even if the weapon was q4. And how about adding a +10 str quest, at the cost of spirit, or at the cost of not being able to do the spi quest? I've had problems with the spi quest (it being obviously more favorable to chars who need spirit) and think it's about time we fixed it :p Mo!

From: Adolfus Wednesday, January 20, 11:21PM

Good ideas on the eq. Personally I say more con eq, if you look closely the con eq is just for the most part not near as nice as the other stuff. The new con leg item is real nice, but the hide for instance while nice, has a bit less ac that just about anything else. If you look close just about each slot for con has some weakness, be it super high rent, only +4, or quite a bit lower ac. As for the spirit quest, I don't see how you can have a problem with it. I understand not liking it if thats what you meant, but I got pure fighters and druids both, its been part of the game for a while so I cant see having problems with it. You know spirit isnt that much of a benefit, so saying since there is a spirit quest, there should be another dex -str- con mind perc, doesnt make much sense as far as I can tell. Actually you could put a +50 spirit quest in the game, and it wouldnt make things unplayable, do the same for -str- though and things might get sorta whacky. Actually the point is sorta moot I figure, if you need spirit you use the quest, if you don't need spirit, then you can forget about spirit completely and use all the awesome gear out there that is -spirit. I say sure, add a 10 -str- quest if you also, want to put a 20 or 25 spirit req on expert weapon prof's.

From: Fright Thursday, January 21, 08:33AM

More item ideas: - Some spirit gear (+5) with good ac - Non-dex footwear - Another quality weapon with the idiocy spell, non-con - A +4 or +5 net 8kg dagger with reasonable rent (less than 4500) - high rent, resist blind goggles (as mo suggested at some point) - +5 con +30 hitpoint held item, non timed A few ideas that are a little more unique: - a quest you can do that adds 1 maxdam to your weapon (by sharpening it or by case hardening) - an item that doubles your regen rate for hitpoints (probably 4kish rent? - a ring that gives your weapon a random chance of casting cure light on yourself (of course) The healing ideas are mostly because of the steel trade requiring huge men that take a lot of punishment. Fright

From: Leatherface Thursday, January 21, 11:34AM

From: Stella Sunday, January 24, 02:02PM

Could be nice with stuff that could be gathered to be a complete outfit, like pants, shirt, shoes, coat and the like. Maybe with +1 something on them, low rent, so newbies can get some decent gear and still be fully dressed. Stella

From: Pandemonium Sunday, January 24, 08:25PM

Well I don't have time to think of anything really interesting right now. I agree with the comments regarding a need for more +5 net con items, and for more +5 net items for straight fighters in general, considering they have less equipment options currently than mages and often need SL items which not everybody can get easily. This applies especially to the shield, wrist and held slots. The kind of items suggested seem to fit well with the area. I also like the idea of more newbie items with a +1 and +2 bonus and decent ac and interesting descs, which low level characters can actually obtain for themselves. Currently there are a few newbie ac items which are still definitely superior, not encouraging much variety in equipment for new characters who know the game.

From: Lethargio Saturday, January 30, 03:31AM

we need more +5 net -mind items, though its probably my fault for being lazy in restarting a character Leth


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