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Posted by Mo on 01/24

Under the current system, I would judge a lvl 50 pker to be, on average, a tad bit more deadly than the man-eater. Taking into account that pkers deal only 1/2 xp loss upon death, that'd put a lvl 50 pker's worth around 50k. For a lvl 50 char to reach 25,000,000 xp more than their initial 25mil, that would mean, in winning pk situations alone, with the new xp-determined, killing a lvl 50 char 500 times. So, let's make the amount of points required to retire at 25000, with having a lvl 50 char be worth 50 pts. If you die, you will get half the points of your level (25, if you are lvl 50), and if you are grouped, the points get split according to the number of clanned people present in the group. This is a huge number to reach, probably even harder than simply getting 25mil -- thus we combine it with the existing reaching 50 mil to retire program. This is done by giving an option to the player to redeem these points to xp, each point being worth 1k xp. The main advantage to this system, as I see it, is that retiring won't be easy -- you will probably have to do a fair share of mob killing in order to retire in a timel manner. Yet, there is a chance to get xp that won't be taken away from you by dying -- the points will be held in reserve until the player decides to use them, allowing them to save progress (not to mention they make progress when losing, too). Mo!

From: Mo Thursday, January 21, 05:15PM

Of course, I'd be more than glad to have a system where the points are a tad bit easier to reach than the one I've suggested. 500 winning pk bouts against a lvl 50 char is, even if you are VERY heavily active, an ordeal that would take a very long time. :p

From: Fright Friday, January 22, 09:51AM

Hey, I love this idea! 500 bouts is eons tho. I think if I started trying to get those 500 bouts in, I'd get deleted for OOC harassment, because I'd have to kill every level 50 pkiller about 20 times. :P I like the idea of pkill having some effect on unclanning tho. This is probably the most logical form of this I have seen yet. I suggest that the number be brought down from 500 pk kills (with no mob kills) to 250 pk kills (and then you can mobkill to furthur reduce this) So if I got 15million xp from mobkilling, and 100 wins in pk I would have the requirements to unclan. Fright

From: Mandarb Friday, January 22, 07:48PM

Shrug, that means each point is worth 10k. It'll hardly be popular, but would be nice to get rewarded for winning or even losing, though I suppose if they just jacked up the xp on pkill it would be the same thing? Maybe if you win you get 30k and if you lose you get 10k, that would be the same. Doesn't seem like any imms have much interest anyway, so I guess this doesn't matter a whole lot anyway. Good luck.

From: Fright Saturday, January 23, 08:01AM

I just wouldn't want pkilling to be better for unclanning than mobkilling was in a way, because pkilling (to get closer to unclan) would be 100 times more difficult than getting the same distance through mobkill. (as in players are that much harder to kill than mobs are) But I really don't like to see pkill count for nothing to become unpkill enabled. (or next to nothing, as it is now) Fright

From: Mo Sunday, January 24, 02:12AM

bah, read the darn thing, mandarb. jacking up the pk xp is the same thing as having the unclan thing rely on mobkilling -- progress made can be erased quickly by a death or two. the point is that however little a point may be worth, that they are death-proof, and a sure accumulation of progress that won't be taken away by mishaps -- dying, losing, whatever. Mo!


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