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Botting services at an end

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Posted by Riptide on 01/26

It was a blast while it lasted folks. Unfortunately for everyone an immature pkiller abused me and everyone looses. What i propose is something I had suggested on the board awhile back. I know the imms are discussing it right now and I know there are lots of other, more pressing things that need to be coded... but what does everyone think of adding to the 10 tick ooc timer for pkillers a check on getting unclanned healing? Append thoughts and other additions please. Riptide - a wanderer of the deep

From: Zeppelin Saturday, January 23, 01:05PM

Works for me, but you run into problems with create mage roots and other beneficial spells maybe. What about making the 'beg' skill (not social) tell if someone is pk enabled so that you could make your triggers not work for pkers? I know this sucks but it would solve the problem. Maybe just make the 10 tick thing for surgery (gotta be easier to code that) and make a 'rule' (yea another babysitting rule) that bots can only heal with surgery? Well, something has got to be better than nothing. I know some immorts dislike the fact that they have to 'babysit' some of the rules they have now, but then propagate them by refusing to make code changes to enforce these things. Oh well... Zep

From: Adolfus Saturday, January 23, 01:02PM

Sounds good to me, but I don't think you should be punished. Or help responsible for someone getting a heal from you, the pkiller broke a rule, on purpose it would look like from what you say. If so, knowingly using you in pkill should make the wholly responsible If you didnt have any knowledge that they were doing anything wrong then holding you responsible is bs. I say punish the pkiller and leave the bot, of werent the imms discussing making bots illegal. Is that the ruling or something? You get a warning or policy change or what?

From: Stella Saturday, January 23, 02:22PM

Why not only have characters online when you are able to sit behind the keyboard? Sounds a lot easier than changing codes, and could probably be a lot more fun for everyone. Would also help in stopping the abuse. Stella

From: Sandra Saturday, January 23, 02:21PM

To clarify a few things on what happened. One is always responsible for their character's actions. Anyone that sets up triggers should be aware of that fact. Simply saying 'Oh, but I was afk' doesn't cut it. I'm sorry, but it just won't, as it will be the new excuse for everything. I did make healing bots illegal. So that this situation doesn't occur again. Both pkillers were punished for what happened also. So, it wasn't just Riptide that was punished.(Though, his punishment was less severe than it could have been) If you ask what I consider a bot, I'll give you my definition: A bot is a character set up to work automatically while their player is gone from the keyboard and they perform their actions on anyone/everyone indescriminately. There is no way to prevent any other instances of what happened with Riptide with anyone else. My personal opinions on bots aside, I was very angry with what happened. As many people used Riptide's services, and those people seemed content with that. Sandra

From: Zeppelin Saturday, January 23, 04:03PM

Mmmmm, seems to be a lack of healers in general when you look at the pure amount of hack n slash required to level under the new xp system. Now, with chars such as riptide on, everyone can spend 75% of their online time sleeping. (err chars like riptide gone) I still say fix the xp curve -- its just not quite right yet. THe damage done by mobs > lev 40 to chars of the same level is just off for the amount of xp you get vs. the amount needed to level. Kaige pointed out how mathmatically it should work. Well, it doesnt. I am guessing she has not leveled up a char from 1 to 50 in a long time (and I dont mean a healer that gets occasionly dragged along). This isnt rocket science -- ask the players who have been leveling chars up.

From: Mo Saturday, January 23, 08:08PM

Mmm. By your definition it would make selective bots legal, those that only obey a few characters' commands, or an indiscriminate few given that ppl figure out what it is that makes the bot tick... Well, rip, next time, if you want to bot, just hand out the keys to your bot to only a select number of people.. it will both prevent abuse and falling under the 'bot' category.

From: Adolfus Sunday, January 24, 02:04AM

Well im glad that it isnt illegal for someone to set up triggers to heal one individual. Just for clarification if a pkiller is killing mobs for xp and using a surgeon unclanned and the surgeon is in surgery spam, and another pkiller comes up and backstabs them, whats the ruling supposed to be on that. Second, just what were you upset about Sandra? It isnt very clear in your post.

From: Mo Sunday, January 24, 02:10AM

Unless the pker explicitly uses the surgeon to heal during pk i don't think there's anything special about the case you've mentioned -- happens a lot of the time.

From: Tarn Sunday, January 24, 02:31AM

I like the idea of a tick delay on healing after pkill. As a (non-clanned) surgeon, I always try to remember to ask 'do you need this surgery because of pkill?', but I occasionally forget ... However, even if I asked 100% of the time, there is no guarantee that the other player is not lying to me, and their need for my services is indeed related to pkill. I recall as a newbie player (and newbie surgeon) not knowing who was pk and who wasn't. I have been here long enough now to have a reasonable idea of who might be pk, but with new chars appearing/clanning/perma, etc it can still be hard to tell. How about some way we healer types can tell for ourselves if someone is PK or not? It would need to be non- aggressive, as healers tend not to enable, perhaps just a line when we look at someone? ------------ Tarn

From: Adolfus Sunday, January 24, 10:49PM

Put blood on players hands noticable to anyone in same room with them, that lasted 5 ticks or so after fighting someone. Fighting another player that is, it wouldnt have to do anything else other than that. It might have interesting coincequences with just doing that, but later on it could be experimented with, it making certain mobs aggressive or hunt you. Maybe greater summoned could be order to hunt them down and attack them. Maybe this shoulda been a new thread.

From: Ishtar Tuesday, January 26, 03:57AM

I don't see how something which simply tells you that somebody was recently involved in a fight would solve this problem, because it would also be illegal to heal somebody who was being hunted, even though the fight hadn't started yet. Eg. If somebody was stalking me while I was low on hps from xp running, and wanted to jump me at a disadvantage, I got wise to them coming and ran to an unclanned healer to heal up for the fight, that would be cheating as I understand it- even though the damage was from mobs and the pkill hadn't started. I agree with Tarn's point about not knowing who is clanned with characters changing so fast. I really feel that althought all unclanned should take all reasonable care not to intentionally interfere in pkill, it is the clanned character who should get the heaviest penalty if they actually solicit services from an unclanned who doesn't know that pkill is involved Ish

From: Adolfus Tuesday, January 26, 01:44PM

Don't think I said it would fix the problem anywhere Ishtar don't know where you got that. Just think it would be interesting.


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