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Posted by Ishmael on 01/29

I think it stinks that you ahve to be level 40 to summon a greater being even though you can learn rudh at level 25 and know all the spell combo's. There is no spell in the cause sphere of magic that has a level requirement beyond that of the words itself. Why can't I make a greater titan that just isn't as mean as someone's greater titan who has a much higher cast level than I do? And if there is a levle requirement it certainly should be around 35 which is the maximum level requirment for any other skill/spell in the game.

From: Rufus Monday, January 25, 11:39AM

Okay, little clarification... the 'greater summoning' spell will summon creatures when you have the word req's. The higher level you get, the more powerful the creatures get, and at around level 40, their names go from 'lesser' to 'greater' (lesser titan to greater titan). They're stats get a little boost also. If you happen to be referring to the greater elementals as well, each of these spells has its functionality at the level that the words are able to be learned. Upon reaching level 40, they have the expanded capability of summoning and controlling more powerful elementals. -Ruf

From: Ishmael Monday, January 25, 03:46PM

I was saying I think it is odd that no other char in the game has anything skill or spell higher than level 35 so that upon hitting level 35 they have every option available to them. Therefore I don't think the greater boost should be added at level 40 but rather at level 35.

From: Rufus Monday, January 25, 05:12PM

It's an attempt to add goals further than 35... yes most skills max out at 35. I think that's a problem rather than a benchmark. Also there ARE some cause spells that increase in power after level 35. As far as the 'greater' 'lesser' difference... well, I needed a point to switch the name. Fourty sounded good, as it wasn't 35. In all actuality, the creatures get increasingly stronger from level 25 until level 50. The '40' point was just a place for the name. -Ruf

From: North Friday, January 29, 03:44AM

Hey guys, summon greater is a SPELL not a skill, so it really doesn't matter if skills max out at 35. Just hit lv 50 as fast as you can =P. Although I will admit that the greater titan/angel/demon sounds better than "lesser" titan/angel/demon...maybe drop the title "lesser"? North


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