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Flamin Sword

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Posted by Tarod on 01/28

Would it be possible to give some warning before the flaming sword vanishes? Similar to the warnings given when flight is wearing off, etc something along the lines of "Your flaming sword flickers and starts to grow insubstantial" or something. I've had my swords vanish on me twice, which had some rather painful results, considering I was raging, cannot calm, and cannot draw. Tarod

From: LadyAce Wednesday, January 27, 10:23AM

Good idea. My bet is that this will be easy to code, too. -LA

From: Fright Wednesday, January 27, 01:20PM

Why aren't the con or dex equivelants of that spell any good? I mean if you compare them to the str version, they really suck. (IMHO) I'd like to see it so a mage could use that as a primary weapon at level 50 and as a result wouldn't get the benefit of stats, or specials like using a mundane weapon would give. Create lacks offensively allready (without xp sucking gimps), maybe they could use a little boost. Fright

From: Tarod Wednesday, January 27, 04:30PM

I agree with Fright that the con and dex equivs of the spell are far behin the str one, and an upgrade of these weapons would be very welcome. Tarod

From: Mo Wednesday, January 27, 11:36PM

The con version is 2nd circle, and as easily it is gotten, it is quite useful at those earlier levels. The dex one simply got jipped during the fight code change, before it used to rock (had a create sniper who'd draw that after bs'in with wit)

From: Tarod Thursday, January 28, 12:55AM

It's true that the con equiv is a 2nd circle spell and good for that level. Would it be feasable though, to have a 3rd circle version of that spell, using, say earth, as well as adding a perc weapon - a bow? using the word for air. If I remember correctly, the dex version used to have more max attacks than was possible with a normal q5 dagger, and having that back would be very nice as well. Tarod

From: Mo Thursday, January 28, 01:00AM

Mmm. the point in having a cool flaming sword as opposed to others, imho, is that cuz it's harder to make a super competitive mage that uses a str weapon than, say, dex or con :p Also, altho it may be better than its other cousins, it still pretty much stinks, waking up mobs from stuns pretty early, and not doing nearly as much damage as its non-magical counterparts may do. Mo

From: Fright Thursday, January 28, 08:38AM

But Mo, also take into consideration that it could be used as a 0 rent weapon by a create mage. I would be tempted to trade off the stats and

From: Fright Thursday, January 28, 08:40AM

-grumble net- specials that come with a weapon, and use the magical one (if it was at least somewhat comparible in quality and damage to a regular weapon) Fright


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