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Squirrels, and associated hassles.

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Posted by Bryn on 01/29

Just wondering, is there a reason that A) the Tara squirrels take a long time to repop, and B) the item they sometimes have doesn't always load (in my experience)? I've spent a goodly long time waiting on those rodents, and I think that speeding up the repop time a bit wouldn't make that particular quest too easy, or anything. Just an idea. Bryn.

From: Nefertari Wednesday, January 27, 09:59PM

I've noticed the same thing, I spent an entire day attempting to do that quest to no avail, then I log on today and the first squirrel I kill has the item, wierd. On the other hand, it is a stat quest, which boots a certain stat signifacantly. But still yet, it also requires you to do a couple other quests, one of which is VERY hard (at least for me) at low levels when you really need the stat boost. So I'll have to say that this quest is a bit too complicated and should be changed. Nefertari.

From: Nefertari Wednesday, January 27, 10:06PM

Oh, one more thing. It seems redundant to have to kill that Squirrel the number of times that you do.

From: Bryn Wednesday, January 27, 10:27PM

I have no problem with the complexity of the quest or with most of the steps. Getting help for the hard part isn't usually very hard, at least in my experience. It's just that that one specific step can be mind-bogglingly frustrating. Bryn.

From: Adolfus Wednesday, January 27, 11:06PM

x number of squirrels load into tara each day, if you kill every squirrel youll get your item, or if you happen to kill the correct squirrel. Pretty positive one of these squirrels will have it every mud day. Keep in mind theres 10 or so different squirrels, so your not killing the same one over and over. If you don't get the item, then someone else killed that squirrel or you didn't find all the squirrels. If this is too much info, some imm erase it. danka schoen

From: Mo Thursday, January 28, 01:13AM

The squirrel thing is really annoying, and having to repeat that silly thing a couple more times just adds to it -- altho that part i skip by simply not doing the quest til i find it lying on the ground. however, tho, considering how much of a stat boost it gives, i think it's well worth it -- especially in light of the 6piece 3stat quests that are, imho, one of the stupidest ideas (yah, why just 5 on one area and not all 6, or all 6 in different areas, or, why mess with a good thing :p) Mo!

From: Myrella Thursday, January 28, 01:44AM

Just have to add my 2 cents worth on this..... Consider the item that you need is needed if you don't get help to do any of the quests a grand total of 4 times it's excedingly stupid imho not to have the object repop every time the mob does as well. I remember having to over 40 of the damn little guys just to get one silly feather. Even now I dont even do the 3 frethaer part any more because is much easier to bug someone to get me the object it gives. While I dont mind the quest for to sta boost being difficult the sheer frustrtion of murdering all those poor squirrels is very agravating. Myrella

From: Ma Thursday, January 28, 08:32AM

Did my comments about this hit too close to home? Is that why my post was deleted?? I've been making suggestions and so forth for years trying to help make this a better MUD but I've given up on being nice about it. At least when sarcastic or harsh I'll usually get some indication that my post was even read!

From: Ma Thursday, January 28, 08:37AM

If anyones curious, I basically listed a whole bunch of quests

From: Fright Thursday, January 28, 08:43AM

I think my record is upwards of 35 squirrel slaying before getting one of the items they offer, let alone that item multiple times. There are about 6 squirrels that can load with the item I think, so that is 6 repops, and a hell of a lot of time. I can understand the need to wait for a few quests, but the amount of absolutely mindless waiting that is going into new quests doesn't help anyone in any way. It boggles me that anyone ever found reason behind it. (I'm talking more of the stat quests here than things like the beowulf quest, and tudor sash quest, which aren't done by every character) Not to mention the Belly dancer quest, with a mediocre at best item at the end (compared to some other similar alternatives) maybe those items that are given away in that quest could become more useful the longe that you were into the quest. Fright - thinks waiting 1-10 RL hours to do one quest hurts the mud more than it helps it.

From: Ma Thursday, January 28, 08:52AM

From: Adolfus Thursday, January 28, 10:25AM

I hardly ever do this part of the quest. The fact that you don't have to do this part, leaves not much room for criticism I think. I'm pretty sure the one squirrel that loads the item, loads it every time it repops. Just because you can't read the mobs stats to figure if its the one that loads it or not, doesn't mean doesn't load it each time, just that your killing the wrong one. Just be thankful the item isn't on a bunch of lvl 35-40 mobs instead of little squirrels.

From: Stella Thursday, January 28, 12:47PM

I have to agree with Fright, I think. Not only is it very annoying to have to spend time killing squirrels to get said item, it is also a waste to do the belly dancer quest, as it has a very long wait. I would like to suggest that all items were from now on left on the ground, so that we could just take what we want instead of having to play the game in order to get it. And while we are at the changes I would like to see, could we not get rid of those pesky mobs. Would be much easier and more convenient to just leave little bags with a various amount of xp all arounf the mud, which we could pick up and go to the level we want to be. Yes, I am a little sarcastic. There are X number of squirrels, and one of them has the item. If you do not find it after killing all of them, there are 2 possible solutions as to why. Either it was taken already, or you have missed a squirrel. And please, how long does it take you to kill the squirrels? I find it annoying that some players will always protest against any quest that takes more than 2 minutes to do. I like long quests, and I definetly disagree with the change to for example the longhouse quest. It was cool when it took some time. What would you suggest, Fright? That no quest should take more than 2 minutes to complete? Please make some suggestions instead of just "make them easier". Stella

From: Fright Thursday, January 28, 02:46PM

Gee Stella, who pee'd in your cornflakes? I am not talking about 1-2 minute wait on quests, if you read my post I am sure you can see that. I am talking about 1-2 hour waits on quests. Killing squirrels takes about 2 minutes yes, waiting for them to repopp so that you can kill them again to look for the item can take up to 40. I do have to agree with Adolfus, in that you can skip that part of the quest, so its not a huge deal. But other quests, like the stat quests (a couple) have some enormous wait time for a relatively small, and very important quest. (because every character will do the quest most likely) I am really tired of seeing mud slining on this board of all of them, this is an OOC board used to make what are 99% of the time mature and honest suggestions towards the improvement of the game. There are rarely if ever meaningless posts on this board. My OOC suggestion is that the immorts ask some players about the wait time on some particular quests (belly dancer, +3 mind, +3 con, +3 dex) and re-evaluate if it is reasonable to make someone wait 1-7 hours RL time to do these quests. (the belly dancer one isn't really as big an issue in my eyes since it's a very optional quest compared to the stat quests) Anyway, nuff said. I gave my opinion and my solutions. Fright

From: Stella Thursday, January 28, 03:07PM

The stat quests are just as optional...You claim they are important quests, yet they are small, and should be over with soon? As far as I see things, the more important, the harder it is, which is what is with the stat quests. I am quite amused to see you first asking who pee'd in my cornflakes, then ask for more maturity and less mud slinging...You don't see a little conflict in those 2 statements? Stella

From: Fright Thursday, January 28, 03:29PM

I don't think many would consider the +10 to any stat quest difficult by any stretch, and most would consider it the most important one I think. Its the easiest of the stat quests I think. But if you consider that every character will likely do each stat quest at some point (to stay competative, to improve, whatever the reason) it seems like a lot of waiting with each character. If you took the beowulf quest for example, I doubt if you waited straight thru it you could do the quest in less than 4 hours. (of course this quest has points where you can stop and rent and continue later from the same spot) but the rewards for this quest only cater to a few characters, and not to every one. I just don't see any rationale behind making someone wait and wait and wait to accomplish something every time they do it. I am sure we all wait enough when we are healing allready, to wait an hour to do a quest is rather frustrating. As for the other comments included in our thread, I apologise for being a hippocrite. Please take the latter request (no mud slining at all on thi s board) to be my personal opinion about it. Fright

From: Celia Thursday, January 28, 09:23PM

I agree partly with Stella and partly with Fright. I don't mind a quest taking a long time to complete, as long as the time is spent actually working on the quest, or it is possible to go away and do something else while waiting for repop. The squirrels are not really a problem for me, as there is no need to do the whole thing at once, and I simply do it in stages whenever my character happens to be in the area. However, I don't see a lot of point in quests which make you wait around unable to do anything at all for hours and I'm glad the longhouse was changed for that reason. In my experience most people just set up triggers to avoid autorenting and go afk in that situation. Some people cannot log on for that period of time without interruptions and do not have triggers to prevent autorenting, and in some places I believe people pay by the hour for phone calls and would end up paying a fair bit for the privelege of sitting around unable to do anything. Since most of the 'best' items in the game require grouping and often long periods of time to obtain (eg SL items), I would like to see some lengthy and repeatable quests with equivalent rewards to cater to those who prefer to explore solo, or can't log on for long periods of time. All I ask is that it is possible to complete the quest in stages and rent in between or to do something else while waiting for repop, a particular time of day, etc. Celia

From: Adolfus Friday, January 29, 12:39AM

I think its important to remember that even when someone is putting down your idea, using sarcasm or not, there most likely not trying to put you down. Also take it to heart, most posts that get mean or put someone down, are out of frustration, so maybe your getting your point across well, maybe not. So always try to have thick skin. As for waits on quests like the beowulf quest, wait time can be looked at a valid way of increasing difficulty of a quest, if your able to complete any quest that takes an amount of time, realize others will get frustrated and not finish it. Though theres nothing wrong with reevaluations.

From: Fright Friday, January 29, 05:47AM

I'd like to say that the longer quests (beowulf, tudor sash) do have points that you can stop halfway and start again from that point, so as to make them manageable. As Celia pointed out, not everyone here has unlimited access, and some do indeed pay by the minute to be here. (probably most of the european mudders here) I don't mind long quests either, as long as you have something you should be doing instead of sitting and waiting for X time to come so that Y door opens and you can leave. The senoi quest is a fairly long quest, yet there is no waiting, and always something to do. Rudh is the same way, as is the +3 str quest. Long quests but not boring ones. Even if this doesn't effect areas currently in play, maybe the builders that are working on areas now can put some thought into whether they want people to wait X hours to do their quests or not. I think most people would prefer a long busy quest, than one that was drawn out a few hours due to waiting for a repop or event. Fright

From: Ma Friday, January 29, 06:58AM

Umm, haven't you people done the spirit quest solo? It actually takes 6 repops unless you want to be a pain in the ass and have someone help where it isn't required. Show me someone who hasn't done the stat quests by 50 and I may consider them 'optional' too. There's now at least 5 that require long waiting periods which of course you must endure through every char you build. That along with the xp scale's put me off making more.

From: Celia Friday, January 29, 09:33AM

-peer- I -always- do the spirit quest solo, unless by chance I find a certain item left on the ground, or somebody grabs me and insists on walking me though it. My point is, you don't have to do the entire thing instantly all at once. You don't need to sit around waiting for repop. You can rent or do something else and try again later. Usually I have one or two tries at the first bit each time I pass through the area and just wait until I get lucky. I don't see stat quests as optional either, unless you are not intersted at all in the competitive aspect of the game. But it isn't necessar to do them all at a low level. My first mage didn't do the spirit quest until over level 40 and I have another I've been playing for well over a year who hasn't done it yet. I've got mage characters 15-20 who have only done one of the +3 quests so far too. Its not like you can't play the game until you've done them. The only thing I don't like is not being able to play while doing them (ie enforced waits where you can't leave or rent and do something else). Celia

From: Ma Friday, January 29, 10:49AM

Well, another thing to consider.. most clanned mages get sink first, low mind/spirit mages have real trouble reaching the stats required for vant at low levels and so often get stuck not being able to do anything but wait. Another thing that's not really 'optional' for some of us. It's kinda like those muds that allow you to modify your character on creation where it costs extra xp/level to make a better char. Not something I'm keen on at all.


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