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Posted by Zeus on 02/05

Why was this changed? It was great to have a check to see if someone was PK enabled. I guess you would rather us use headbutt/ backstab/bash/elbow/kick/shoot/kill/stun/choke huh? Yeah, great change .... NOT! Zeus

From: Fright Sunday, January 03, 04:31AM

I just use backstab. -shrug- Fright

From: Rei Sunday, January 03, 07:52AM

Why would you want to check if someone was pk-enabled without having any intention of fighting him? I don't think you should be able to check if someone was killable without actually trying to.. the beg command always seemed more like a bug to me. Nice change. Rei Ayanami

From: Rufus Sunday, January 03, 09:51AM

Okay, first off, I'm not the one that made this change (although I think it was a bug in the first place)... but I've always found the 'ask' command to be very effective. Not necessarily asking the person themselves, but other people who might know them. In fact, way back when, there was a group of people who made money off this kind of knowledge (who was pkenabled, who was allied with whom, etc) but now that you've all become so open book about your pkenabled chars, it leaves little room for espionage and RP along those lines. -Ruf

From: Davien Sunday, January 03, 04:21PM

Well said Rufus. Always seemed stupid to me that the skill could be used that way. And like you said, this might bring some of the knowledge back into pkill and allow more options to those who are enabled.

From: Mandarb Sunday, January 03, 05:50PM

Seriously doubt it.

From: Conspiracy Sunday, January 03, 07:02PM

I like the Idea the more I think about it. Now lets stop announcing pk death on info channel. then maybe we can get back to something like what Rufus is talking about - instead of pkillers loitering in safe rooms and clan halls. But that's just My $.02 Conspiracy (Brought to you by the immortals of this great mud)

From: Quercus Sunday, January 03, 10:51PM

Um, you can already not have your deaths announced on info if you want.

From: T-Bone Monday, January 04, 01:28AM

Sure, but you may be multi'd for it as it is.

From: Rictor Monday, January 04, 07:19AM

Hrm, RP to learn about others charecters, thats so paradoxil or however you spell it. Sir Rictor Belmont

From: Bryn Monday, January 04, 05:39PM

There are still ways of finding out whether someone's enabled which aren't -technically- aggressive. Since I've always found beg to be rude and annoying anyway, and since I've always attacked people who begged from me if they were in range, this doesn't strike me as a huge cha change. -bounce- Bryn!

From: Ma Friday, February 05, 04:43AM


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