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Posted by Mo on 02/09

It has occured to me that max wimpy won't kick in inbetween rounds, when skills and other such are performed to the wimpee (?). Since snipers had their shoot/flee thing pretty butchered with autorush (targets with autorush autostand and rush) and priority (targets with autorush simply hit while snipers get hit, THEN snipers get prio), a high perc skill that allows them to flee inbetween pulses would probably give them slightly more chance to get shots off. It'd also be kinda nifty if they could somehow 'roll' away while sitting/resting so they could be almost guaranteed to flee unless stunned. Mo!

From: Fright Friday, January 29, 05:52AM

Snipers in my opinion are still weak in pkill standards. (ruling out the para backstab, which can basically win the fight) I am all for new skills that the fighter and sniper guys can get to use some of their 20 odd practices they have left. As it is now, us mages can get all the words and pretty much all the fight skills we want too, something that I don't think is right, but that is not going to stop me from making the best character I can. Splitting skills like dodge into 3 levels, would help solve this, but I expect most immort responce to this will be 'wait for skilltrees' since that is effectively what they will do. Offering some regeneration skills to fighters (for hitpoints) with a slower regen than root, but faster than sleeping (or even equivalent to sleeping, so that the person could stay awake during this time) would help as well. (another skill that non healers can spend practices on, and mages likely wouldn't bother with or have the practices to get without sacrificing something) Fright

From: Kurik Friday, January 29, 09:57AM

Yes, snipers and fighters are weak against mages. So I'm not glad to fight them. With stun they are dying fast. Now only one thing is funny, duels between mages for me. Kurik

From: Vinnie Friday, January 29, 10:59AM

To me, the main issue is that mages get more bang for their practice buck. While a fighter might spend a single practice and get a skill like dodge, or a thief might learn sneak, as mages learn words, each new word gives them -several- new capabilities. And since third circle words cost only one practice, mages have practices left over for the fighting skills. I suggest making third circle words cost two -- or even three -- practices to make mages make some hard choices. Spending only one practice and getting several new spells is ridiculous. Of course, if such a change went in, there would have to be a new round of balances to make sure mages' spell abilities can go toe-to-toe with fighters. I suspect that wands and scrolls would help to reduce mages' reliance on fighter skills, but that's coming with skill trees.

From: Vandervecken Friday, January 29, 03:21PM

I believe there's an unimplemented skill called 'retreat' out there somewhere. (Unless I'm totally misinterpreting what Lt. Col. Bastard teaches; if so, never mind.) Anyway I would suspect that such a skill would not only have a higher chance of success than flee, but allow one to specify the direction in which to exit. Is this skill waiting for skill trees, or has the concept been dropped altogether? Inquiring Minds Wanna Know, Capt. Janke van der Vecken

From: Ea! Friday, January 29, 04:27PM

Retraeat is still slated for skill trees. Snippers -should- get priority when shooting people from other rooms, but we have not yet been able to track down the bug that stops this from happening. -Ea!

From: Mo Friday, January 29, 09:30PM

snippers, eh? :p

From: Ea! Saturday, January 30, 11:42AM

That's what I get for posting from raw telnet with a non-functional backspace key in the middle of spam. -Ea!

From: Lethargio Sunday, January 31, 12:33AM

snipers are more weak against mages than fighters, because while fighters can still do bash/headbutt/elbows and stuff like that while blinded, snipers can't shoot too good when they can't see (though it might not make that much diff since they added autorush) I've been noticing that I've been losing all my duels which the person remembered to turn on autorush. Maybe it'll get better if they fix the bug :0 Leth

From: Lethargio Monday, February 01, 02:44AM

From: Leatherface Tuesday, February 09, 07:27PM

headbutt imp-- have not encountered much flee/shoot recently, but a sniper clear (growl) Now that all my aliases are deleted.. I have not encountered the flee/shoot tactic recently, but I can attest to the fact that flee/bs works just fine. I think that if this 'roll' idea is imped, bash becomes useless, and it is a con- test between the sniper's tumble, and the thickness of the fighers lower back. Since bs has only a 1 round lag (can think of only 'throw' and 'rage' for fighter 1 round skills, both of which are pretty much useless against snipers) even if the fighter spams 'headbut' or 'kill', it will not connect before the bs. (shrug) Just my two cents. Leatherface.


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