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Posted by Zeppelin on 02/01

A few more comments on stun: In recent battles with Blade, I failed (resurged) 2 stuns in a row. Against a 100str 100dex 90con pure fighter this is near deadly. Now, as much as I would like this code removed, I seriously doubt that will happen> So, I will make a request to have this code follow the same patters as other skills and magics in the system> Headbutt checks con vs con, right? So, what are the odds of 100 con headbutt failing on 25? Uhhh nilche pretty much. Since stun can be tumbled, costs huge mana and has this 'lame' random fail code -- can it not at LEAST be put through the same logic as every other aspect of the fight system? By this I mean 50 mind mages should 'resurge' more than 70 mind, who in turn should 'resurge' more than 90 mind mages who hardly ever do. This is the way it should work. Now, for thoughts on worse for wears see above post about capping them at a number less than 5 (3 or 4). Seriously consider this fix. Zep

From: Mo Sunday, January 31, 06:17PM

mmm, dunno, even with the surge, stun seems to rock for me, i've just chased vanion with two wfw's and one surge, he got down to bleeding freely while i was still at 100% (str seriously can suck :P)... Even a 2-3 round wfw is pretty huge, considering the damcap is so low now.

From: Myrella Monday, February 01, 12:48AM

Can't honestly say I find the surge that big of a deal, I use stun alot with 100 mind and cant honestly remember when it it last surged on me, I do notice with my 95 mind stunner it does happen once in a while though at yea it is annoying but then again far as I know there should be no such thing as a 100% sucess for any skill that gets used. Myrella

From: Zeppelin Monday, February 01, 10:52AM

Thats the point, Myrella. My 60 mind mage I cannot remember the last time it happened, but I had it happen twice to me with 100 mind. It should happen based on your mind, ie lower mind get more. I think Mo pretty much proved the point. He has low mind and great fight stats, and if he gets all his stuns he kills everyone. Someone with 100con 100mind never even comes near the damcap, hell I never get ripped to shreds messages! Anyway, my $.02


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