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Posted by Mo on 02/02

How about making a spi based skill (say, 50+ spi) that increases the amount of xp a mob is worth to the group, depending on the spi on the person in the group (if more than one, have just the highest count)? The skill would be named something like "tutoring" or something along the lines of "being able to point out more than what a normal person would get out of the encounter" and could even apply to quests if the person is questing with the said skill. Basic (50 spi), Advanced (70 spi) and Expert (90 spi) with basic giving 50% more xp, advanced 70% more xp, and expert giving 90% more xp to the group -- i know it sounds like a heap, but considering that most ppl with the skill will be the 'healer' type, who will usually need grouping, and that such types are immensely

From: Mo Sunday, January 31, 06:30PM

unpopular to group with these days, this could be interesting. I could see this being relatively annoying to code, but I seriously doubt a scale such as this would become redundant or obsolete any time soon -- I can't picture many new mobs coming in, nor can i see it altering the xp scale too much. Mo!

From: Trample Sunday, January 31, 07:03PM

so long as the skill isn't givin to tarans it would rock, maybe it could be exclusive to lima, then we might see more liman healers running about. ;) Seriously tho, giving it to tarans would be bad, I can only imagine the amount of druids running around like a bunch pact rats. just my opinion, your more than welcome to tell me I'm an idiot -flop- The One - The Only - The Tramp.

From: Fright Sunday, January 31, 07:06PM

Time to go make a 100 spr fighter. :P Kill easy mobs (say 6-9 levels lower than you) and get 10k+ per kill. I like the idea... Maybe if it only worked in groups, or the more people in the group the better it worked. I can see people making a 100spr level 10 character just to help their friends level twice as fast. I suppose if you put a 15/25/35 level min on the 3 skills you might have the problem solved. Fright

From: Gae-Bolg Sunday, January 31, 08:04PM

Great idea. If it will be group skill, it will be okay. If nope, i will make a str,dex fighter from tara. Before end of fight I will flee, spam for spirit and get 150%exps. Whee, it will rock. Gae-Bolg

From: Ma Monday, February 01, 07:57AM

yuk, i think solo'ers are penalized enough already. -goes back to sleeping to heal-

From: Celeste Tuesday, February 02, 01:53AM

Heh, I have currently...3 battledruids, I being one of them, and I have yet another in the making. So. If it can be used solo, ecstatic is a mild word to use for what I'd be. ;) But seriously, I think it might be better to have this skill usable only in groups, since if the problem is that healers are having trouble finding work - used in groups this would benefit everyone. If it were also usuable solo...well...two of my three battledruids can make about 500k an hour if everything goes right, thereby giving them even -less- incentive to group if this skill is usuable solo. I mean...they'd be getting 1 mill an hour on good runs (with 60 spir). But on the whole, I love the idea, and I think it's great. My healers have seen little work healing -other- people lately. By work, I mean xp runs, and not being constantly asked for heals by people walking into inns and going, 'Can u heal me?' then sighing loudly when no one does. Or treating me like a bot when I do. Celeste de Rais

From: Mo Tuesday, February 02, 10:37PM

mmm. even if it was just given solo, i don't think it'd cause too many problems, really -- i mean, when you build a char with enough standing spi to augment, you prolly will be willing to group, not to mention it'd be beneficial simply to force/encourage healers to be out and about.


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