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The paralyze spell.

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Posted by Yi on 02/06

Okie dokie, Yi was wondering why the paralyze spell wasn't implemented. Considering that it's just a create version of binding, it seems like it shouldn't be hard to imp at all, and it would add a lot to 2nd create's arsenal, in my opinion. Master Yi--Keeper of the dim sum!

From: Kaige Thursday, February 04, 01:39PM

Actually, it's not planned to be a creat spell, and we don't like to simply duplicate existing affects/effects when possible. I looked at the help file for it, but it doesn't sound like I remembered what was planned for the spell originally. -Kaige

From: Mandarb Thursday, February 04, 06:37PM

How about before we make a create version of bind, we make the cause one useful. Might be nice to have snipers not flee and break a bind EVERY time...who knows. -Mandarb, another spell gone down the drain while str fighters become more of a pain.

From: Yi Friday, February 05, 12:49AM

Mmm, notice, Glasshopper, that 2nd create has far fewer options than 2nd cause. Master Yi.

From: Ma Friday, February 05, 04:43AM

and how bout we add a new skill for thief/sniper types, set trap! It'd work like bind when you get caught in it..

From: Kaige Friday, February 05, 09:59AM

Umm. the set trap is coming, but not yet. =) -Kaige

From: Wunderix Saturday, February 06, 10:34AM

From: Wunderix Saturday, February 06, 10:35AM

"The cause school of magic had practically no useful spells at the partial-learn level of magic unless DYN was dropped down to 2nd circle." Thank you, HELP DYN. Create has less options now? Whoops. It seems to me that Yi is saying that there aren't enough ways to KILL things with create magic. Well, yes. So? I never need to get a permalight, and when I die, I don't have to spend money to get some starting eq. PLUS, we have the advantage that we can GIVE our goodies to other players. Like vile green goo. And then there's the dip command.. it doesn't take much more than bowman to be effective. Need I mention the sheer entertainment value of illusion? I admit, I'm rambling now, but I believe creates have it all over causes in the variety department. How many ways can you kill and/or aid a person, anyhoo?


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