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Posted by Mo on 02/08

With the not-so-recent xpscale change, it is simply way too easy to recover from a death in the low to mid levels, and easier still to level to clan-able lvl in a really short amount of time (3-5 hrs for lvl 10 if you don't get help). What this brings about, among other things, are pkers who simply don't care enough about their chars and chars of others. Irresponsible pkill becomes rampant at lower levels (not unlike what it used to be like at higher levels with power levelling) and people really don't think twice. Of course, character deletion doesn't have much an effect at that level either as punishment -- next day, chances are the deleted char's player will have a carbon copy of his previous char clanned and ready. What I suggest is that we move the clan-able level up a few notches, preferrably to 20 or 25. Also, the top limit should be moved up a bit in order to allow for pkers who simply want to pk at lvl 50. The upper limit can be anywhere, even at lvl 50 -- except we could make it such that you need 1 redemption point to clan at lvl 50. Yes, this would allow for ppl like me to juggle clanned status (by unclanning a 50, then clanning a 49, unclanning, then reclanning the unclanned 50), or for people who are seriously attached to chars, they can actually indulge in carefree pk (by accumulating 2 redemption points before clanning, and using them wisely). In all seriousness I'd like this to be considered, at LEAST the upping the lower end of clan-ability. It seriously annoys me that PK community gets a bad rep cuz of the idiotic lowbies who don't care about their or others' chars, to whom deletion doesn't really pose a threat. And with all the changes going on, planned, etc, I would love to see some option to reclan past clanned chars, or clan chars at lvl 50 (I know most of you would simply perma and re-create, but for me, obtaining eq is much more a hassle than lvlling, so I like keeping chars). Mo!

From: Adolfus Friday, February 05, 04:03AM

And really why perma and recreate, when you can just recreate with a new name. Doesn't it suck when everyone you used to know has new names?

From: Celeste Saturday, February 06, 06:00AM

I really like this idea. Celeste de Rais

From: Ma Saturday, February 06, 01:17PM

It'll never happen, it makes too much sense :P

From: Penn Saturday, February 06, 08:52PM

Heyya... It's not often I post to this board, but this thread has me intrigued.... I personally would love to see something like this, to be able to get involved in this side of the mudding experience, without having to go through the hassle of making an alt....I for one hate the concept of alts, and as such don't play any (much....Sssshhhhh). The idea of using a redemption point to become pk-enabled is cool, and I think it would add a new dimension to the game for us oldbies who haven't got the time to make a pkiller alt, but who would like to dabble in the dark side of LegendMUD where possible. thank you for your time and attention in reading this post. Penn.

From: Adolfus Sunday, February 07, 12:47AM

Ok lets vote on it, 2/3rds to pass, haha

From: Ma Sunday, February 07, 01:24AM

Hmm, imagine how good this MUD would be if our opinion mattered. You say it does but if it were true we would be voting on such things.

From: Adolfus Sunday, February 07, 01:29AM

Nah, you see Ma, the imms vote on things, and the imms are chosen by the electoral college which is made up of players. Wait it don't work like that at all!

From: Bryn Monday, February 08, 10:40AM

I'm all for pushing the minimum level for clanning upwards a bit. However--and I'm not sure I understood all of this, but--I don't think it's a good idea to mess around with the upper level limits too much. A) I don't think setting up some system where players could juggle which char was their clanned based on their whim of the week would be a good idea. I think it would seriously promote crossplaying, among other things. "But you have to let me into the Secs, or I'll come back with my other clanned and kick all of your asses!" I'm not saying everyone would do this, but face it, you can all think of at least three pkillers who would be that way. B) The current system works satisfactorarily. If L50 pkill is the only thing that interests you, it's not very hard to go from 35 to 50 without too many people knowing you're clanned. Sure, you'll probably tell your friends, to help you eq if nothing else, but they don't have to tell anyone, and you don't have to fight anyone, sooo... Yeah. That's it! Sabryna the teenage witch. ...er...or not.

From: Mo Monday, February 08, 07:09PM

I personally have 0 problem levelling a char from 35 to 50 clanned, you can keep it secret, you can keep it open, whatever, but it still takes time where you don't have (in my point of view) a valid clanned char to go around killing ppl with :p The reason I would like the minimum raised is pretty plain and I don't think there's too much trouble with that -- imho, pk at lower lvls is horridly unbalanced and places too much emphasis on a few skills failing or suceeding. (not to mention all the brewhaha regarding players who don't care) For raising the top in pk, it seriously gives a chance to mingle between unclanned and clanned. Threats or boasts such as "clan and then talk" would take a whole new dimension if unclanned are allowed to clan at lvl 50 -- I'd certainly think twice before, say, saying that too, uhm, Stick or something. Using a redemption to clan sounds perfectly feasible to me (my idea, so of course it does) since the amount required to attain one exceeds the amount of time you'd need to spend getting the xp to 50 -- most ppl using quests and all -- while it cuts down on the frequency of xplay since such chars are already equipped. As far as further xplay regarding "clan me or my alt will kick your sorry butt" thingie -- let them try. For one, it'll take them a perma and 25mil xp to carry out that wish (i'm not advocating more than 1 clanned at a tim time) and if you are not deemed worthy to be in the clan, chances are, they'd kick your butt :p Mo!


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