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Posted by DeathSpawn on 02/13

Isn't it kinda overboard when one of those hard crashes happens and you are overrent and it makes you lose your eq? I mean... it's bad enough that there is that whole 'rent' thing in the first place but shouldn't we like.. get reimbd when evil nasty bad crashes that we have no way of knowing about are going to happen? Not whining just wondering and suggesting... DeathSpawn - Feh.. Naked.

From: McDonald Sunday, February 07, 03:49PM

To play devils advocate, hey isn't that your job, for you. The imms aren't going to reimb a bunch of people every crash, and if you didn't lose your eq when it crashed everyone would just carry around as much eq as they could carry. Basically, if you can't rent the eq why carry it around.

From: Davien Sunday, February 07, 03:48PM

Or you could just not go over-rent? I know I am not really someone who should comment on this matter after some of the things I have said when it happens, but frankly, you know the risks when you choose to run around over-rent. It was worse before the new crash code and before Rufus squished a bug that crashed the mud every 4 hours or so I still have a character-universal trigger that inputs 'save' every time a character hears a deathcry. Its probably a bit paranoid, but its what I am used to. I guess what I wanted to say is that you ran the risk and got burnt Davien Holyoake. read next

From: Lethargio Sunday, February 07, 06:10PM

ooh, this one...I lost all my eq several times. And believe what the above posts say, it was a lot worse. The best thing to do is not to carry around stuff that'll put yourself overrent, but if you find yourself in a position when you have to, make sure if the message "FAILED TO SAVE" comes out, drop whatever is putting yourself overrent, save, then pick it up again. So if it ever crashes, you only lose that ite m. mmm, I think the imms explained this several times...but oh well. Leth

From: Zeppelin Sunday, February 07, 08:45PM

This PROLLY makes too much sense to imp -- but I will say it anyways. This is simple to fix, I think: When you rent, the items you see (the offer list) are ordered based on (I think) the last time they were touched. Wouldnt it be possible to, on a FAILED TO SAVE, instead of a hard 'save zero' instead start by going up the list until you hit the rent max, then save, then not 'save' the rest of your EQ? This way, when you are over rent and type save, you would get this message 'Saving...rent=XXXX' UNABLE TO SAVE ALL!' and the drive would store the data for all that was saved. If it crashes and you touched your strung dagger last and are over rent to damn bad -- but at least you will have most of your EQ> Now, given the fact that losing EQ to crashes is probably the single largest reason newbies quit here -- ain't it worth the time to code this? Zep

From: Ma Monday, February 08, 12:09AM

Yeah, sometimes it's hard to avoid.. like being rewarded for quests and so forth, you just need to lose link at the wrong time and be unable to reconnect and you're screwed.

From: DoctorBob Monday, February 08, 03:07PM

i once lost all my stuff because i was 20 over rent and my friends computer like go boom and before i could get to another crash! it was pretty tragic, really tragic when you are pkill nekkid and hated

From: Mo Monday, February 08, 03:18PM

Uhm. you don't lose jack if it crashes when you are overrent if it's onna those polite "LegendMUD is crashing, sorry" thingies. The thing that makes you lose eq is if you autorent, or get a "FAILURE" msg and it crashes before you can drop anything. Honestly, in this system, if you lose eq due to overrent, it's NOTHING you couldn't avoid save a router crash that keeps the mud up while you are overrent. Mo!

From: Ma Saturday, February 13, 06:27AM

Well it's happened to me plenty and just happened again for crying out loud.. I saved to check if i could rent a quest item I picked up in case I lose link. (the usual way I get naked) and BOOM the MUD crashed before I could drop the item. GRRRRRRRRR


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