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Posted by Ma on 02/12

How about making backstab less reliant on the weapons max damage or weight, it makes such a big difference it kinda limits sniper types to just 2 weapons. It's not such a bad idea that you must choose between a good backstab or a gun with decent damage but really, the rent alone on the better gun is a restrictive factor already. I've tried a big gun/light weapon and it really doesn't compare IMO.

From: Zeppelin Monday, February 08, 02:28PM

Hmmm, my thoughts on this topic (once again): We could add more daggers -- Q5 of course -- I mean why are ALL the good weapons 8kg or 5kg? -ponder- How about some daggers and staffs that are 6kg and 7kg (this applies more to dagger that staffs btw). What about a 4kg dagger that has a backstab bonus and is 5max dam? What about a dagger or staff that is 9kg and 10max dam Q5? Of course, as you know I think these should all be a net +5 stat item. It only makes sense to give us the options -- and to balance them you just make them all equiv or else no one would use them... I would like to see some daggers/staffs/swords that have maybe a +2 net stat and a special (but not crazy rent like the skull staff -- if you have to give them an align restrict to keep rent down so be it). A dagger that idiocys and staff that sloths would be nice enhancements. I know that that the 'builder' policy is to add them to new areas, and thi is good as long as new areas are coming (I know they are) but there is no way to know if they will have such weapons =P Anyways, new guns is an option too...

From: Rufus Monday, February 08, 02:45PM

"When will they learn" We don't currently, nor anytime in the near future, have a 'backstab bonus'. -Ruf

From: DoctorBob Monday, February 08, 03:11PM

umm why is that? my pkiller is a sniper, he does 60 dam with a backstab then gets bashed and dies two rounds later? if thats going to happen i want at least scratch him before i die, not under 100 on a 600 hp jerk

From: Mo Monday, February 08, 03:22PM

It does kinda suck that the only two options for backstabbing weapons really are a low-rent (ultra good) weapon with no-stats, or a really high rent weapon with a spell (that saves yer life every now and then, but usually doesn't work to well thanks to bashing shots :p) and really really really high rent. Would love to see a gae without that spell, and i'd personally be happy.. i mean, even the serrated got stats, right? Mo!

From: Rufus Monday, February 08, 04:36PM

I really hate to say it but the gae was designed the way it was because a) it is consistent with the legendary Gae-Bolg and b) It makes Skatha a pain in the butt for a group to kill Some changes were made later on because of pkill, but the weapon wasn't designed for, or even with consideration for, pkill. -Ruf

From: Ma Tuesday, February 09, 03:33AM

If you're not going to respond to the original question, I'll just erase the thread. This's about the 50th time it's happened.

From: Ma Tuesday, February 09, 03:38AM

Bah, of course it says "You did not post that message!".

From: Zeppelin Tuesday, February 09, 09:13AM

I dont -think- Mo was saying change the current Gae, but rather suggesting added a very similar weapon in weight/quality/max dam and net +5 stats..... just lower rent.

From: Zeppelin Tuesday, February 09, 09:14AM

And, yes Ma, my fault for getting off topic..... Backstab should be more of a medium between perc/str/weapon weight I think -- with less of a huge range at high perc. I mean 100hp backstabs are a bit much, but having 100perc and using a wormy and getting like 40hp ones sucks too.

From: Ma Tuesday, February 09, 09:31AM

Thanks, that is what I meant.. No point in adding more dex weapons than con or str because of how backstab works.

From: Mo Tuesday, February 09, 02:55PM

Just add some stats to the darn wit? it's prolly the only piece of HoL gear without ANY sort of stats that belongs to one of the actual players there, and boy, she must feel bad about that. Give it -something- (hopefully not spi) or at least some damroll or hitroll or whatever, it's a great piece of gear, but it seriously makes her look bad :p Mo!

From: Ma Friday, February 12, 11:48PM

From: Ma Friday, February 12, 11:49PM

Another thing because of the way backstab is, you're practically limited to no choice in bows or guns also. Just 1 of each, bleh.


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