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Rudh items.

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Posted by Bryn on 02/10

I don't suppose there's any chance that the rudh items could be made lower rent? It's a fairly long quest, and the thought of being overrent for that long is seriously paranoia-inspiring.

From: Mo Monday, February 08, 10:06PM

The total rent on those items is fairly low, even if you are rather equipped... i personally found it not too hard to have a relatively high fight stat and the reqs while having the rent for those items. sides, if you are overrent, just drop them and type save, then pick em back up. get a bag for that... it's really not that hard :p Mo!

From: Celeste Tuesday, February 09, 02:43AM

Not to mention some of the rudh items are stat items. Some are even +5 stat items. Those that aren't are, I think 0 rent, and the overall rent is reasonably low already. My own mages that I bring on this quest can usually rent the items and still qualify for the word. As well as the other word that generally goes with it. And if you -have- to go overrent - what Mo said. It's what I ask all my rudhees to do anyway. Celeste de Rais

From: Ma Tuesday, February 09, 03:30AM

Yeah, til you lose link for a while and come back nekkid.

From: Bryn Tuesday, February 09, 08:37AM

Mmm, remember the router problems we were having about five days ago? Wasn't a crash, so eq wouldn't save, just everyone going LD and autorenting. Poof.

From: Mo Tuesday, February 09, 02:57PM

then make sure you can rent those items. seriously, i've had chars who obtained gear and sat around for years cuz nobody would help on that quest. it's not that hard.

From: Piccolo Wednesday, February 10, 01:27PM

Seeing as most RUDH hunters have to be babysitted through the quest, I don't think we need to encourage level 25 newbies any more than they already are. If you MUST get that cast level (why oh why do we have that system), then I guess you'd have to bear with either losing some eq to make rent, or waiting until you're the appropriate level to do it ( I still think it should be a level 35 word). If you insist on bugging someone to take you through the quest, and insist on getting it at level 25, AND insist on wearing your full kit down there, AND don't like dropping/saving, I'd think you were a pretty harrd person to please. I seriously doubt the RUDH quest was designed with level 25 mages in mind, though, unless you really rocked. It's mean, and given the power of the word, rightly so. Piccolo Daimaoh just bitter he got it at level 41 -whine 2 tick vanish-


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