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Posted by Poetry on 02/09

If its not too hard to code, can you guys add an "unload" command, to unload an arrow from a bow. Seems realistic enough to add, and it will really help people who dip, and want to know what kinof arrow they have in there!

From: Poetry Tuesday, February 09, 11:05AM

Cause right now, I have to shoot rabbits to get that arrow out, and its annoying cause it disengages sneak, and fade if its on. It wont make anyone more powerful, it will just make things a little less tedious, and smarter. Poetry Modele

From: Zeppelin Tuesday, February 09, 12:28PM

Hehe, yeah I hated that with my last bow user char.... Good idea, this one should get imped if possible.... Zep

From: Chronos Tuesday, February 09, 09:36PM

Kewl idea!:) Would help a bunch in my archery career =P Ummm... whilst we're at it... I was wondering if it was possible to code arrows/shots such that you can use permanent containers to hold them in. Heh, personally, I would like to string my quiver, but I really don't want to end up bugging a PR/admin every other day when I start to run out of shots and have to get a new quiver =P (In other words.. could we have refillable quivers? =P) -tug- :) Chronos

From: Lethargio Tuesday, February 09, 09:47PM

hmm, that would be cool...I wanted to string my gun's ammo to the right type of shells it uses ;) Leth

From: Mo Tuesday, February 09, 10:05PM

Modified dert bag for ammos, sounds feasible to me :p Mo!


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