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nucky claws

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Posted by Lethargio on 02/10

suppose you could have items that have the same effect as the nucky I think it would give a nice option to other types of fighters other than str. Leth

From: Lethargio Wednesday, February 10, 02:32AM

er, I was talking about nucky claws, oops

From: Lethargio Wednesday, February 10, 02:33AM

oof, lemme start over... Suppose you could make an item with a similar effect as the nucky claws, except made for dex and con? I think it would give players a nice option to use. (I think its a cool item but I can't use it good :/)

From: Rufus Wednesday, February 10, 11:48AM

The abilities of the nucky claw have nothing to do with stats or weapon attack type. It adds an extra attack that has a damage type, its occurance of attack and/or damage are stored on the item alone. -Ruf

From: Mo Wednesday, February 10, 06:51PM

What ruf said. but it would be nice to have a spell/skill that allows you to determine the quality of such things :p


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