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Posted by McDonald on 02/12

I just want to say, I hate this change. It doesn't matter to me if smirk was broke or no, sm has been smile for as long as I can remember, and it really irks me when I mean to smile and I smirk. Someone was saying make an alias, well not everyone can make an alias, also if everyone was going to make an alias then I think it would be better to leave it the same. I'm not sure everyone would, but I don't think theres too many people that type out commands when they can use a shorter substitute, so I assume theres a lot of other people that have been using sm, for a long time. If this is never going to be fixed I will make an alias. But I figure it will be fixed eventually, just wanted to say this is one of the most annoying things there could be. Meaning to do one thing and your char doing another. gracias

From: Shine Friday, February 12, 06:11AM

Yes, it really sucks. And another reason for changing it back. Smirk and smile. L is before R. So normal thinking person when type sm or smi thinks, that he will smile nor smirk. Shine, the son of Aaron!

From: Skar Friday, February 12, 07:41AM

If the choice is between having to type out smile and not having smirk at all (I heard Ea! speculate they may remove it as a say alternative), then I vote to keep smirk in. I like smirking, and people will learn to add one extra letter when they want to smile.

From: Ma Friday, February 12, 02:12PM

I hate smirking, almost as much as eyeroll! yank it! yank it! yank it!

From: Kaige Friday, February 12, 02:43PM

You'll be happy to hear then that on Sunday and thereafter, "sm" and "smi" will be SMILE and not SMIRK. It was annoying me as well. -Kaige

From: Adolfus Friday, February 12, 09:26PM

Wow, maybe McDonald should declare victory and never post this board again. whee!


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