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Posted by Ma on 02/12

It seems level affects your chance to hit too much, perhaps it's ok in mob kill, I don't know and don't really care but in pkill.. I seem to only scratch those just 5 levels higher and it was almost laughable to see a lower level sniper type hit me for 3, 5, 10 and ooh 18 hps. I think the extra rent and hps helps higher levels enough.

From: West Friday, February 12, 03:29PM

I also think this needs to be looked at a bit. I fought Ma 2 times each time I took off only less than half of his hps. I had no chance of defeating him. There is however a 8 level different between us, but I would think that I would have 20% chance to winning? But from our battle it seems like I had about 0% chance of winning. -pshrug- maybe I shouldn't rem birdshape wear robe ffight higher levels...but its not my choice most of the time. oops -West

From: Ma Friday, February 12, 09:12PM

Worse than you thought West, I was down before we started on the first, 2nd time you took off about 1/5th of my hps and I didn't paralyze or anything. I just hope a fix doesn't involve changing the level range you can fight.

From: Mo Friday, February 12, 10:34PM

I recall my sniper getting smeared at lvl 40 by a 50, then smearing that same warrior char when he reached 50, his average damage going from "pierce hard" to "decimate" :p Of course that extra rent did give me about 12 more damroll or so, but we all know 12 damroll can't be responsible for roughly 30 pts of difference... I seriously have too easy a time defeating chars that aren't lvl 50, or fairly close to it, and it does seem rather unfair unless the lvl 40 char can outheal -- in mobkill, well, it's pretty silly to get a parawarcry to land 1/9 hits :p Mo!


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