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new cool skill idea

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Posted by Poetry on 02/13

I think a "set trap" skill would be really cool for high perc. Maybe make it a London only skill, to make up for no brew or other druid skills. The sniper could set a trip wire in a room to a direction like a create mages wall. Anyone entering or leaving through that wire will "trip" when they enter that room. That is, get set to sitting or resting. Tumble could be a save, andor str or con could actually walk through the wire. High perc could see it "a mile away" and walk over it, etc. Disarm trap could disarm it... (makes the skill useful!) You can get tricky when bombs go in, and make it so the trap sets off a bomb that w works like an area affect spell. Also, the setter of the trip wire, "knows" about it, so he does get tripped by it, unless, he isfleeing through that exit, in which case he is panicked, and may trip it himself! Just a cool idea to make London more competitive. (I know that they have gotten stronger, but imho, they need more! Anyway, just my 2 cents:) Poetry Modele

From: Bryn Friday, February 12, 12:30PM

I think a set trap skill is planned.

From: Kaige Friday, February 12, 12:33PM

Yup, a set trap, and a detect trap as well. Not planned for a while yet tho... but hang in there! -kaige

From: Lethargio Saturday, February 13, 12:57AM

I hope yer not planning to make it a spell, just like detect hidden... Leth


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