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Posted by Bryn on 02/13

What exactly determines priority these days? I've heard that it's a combination of perc and aggressiveness, but even with an 3 agg, 87 perc character, mobs still took priority more than half the time, I'd say. Is this a bug? Is it a feature? Is it pure lousy luck? I'm not especially complaining, I just think an explanation would be really useful. Bryn

From: Mo Saturday, February 13, 02:11AM

I'm fairly certain your level is included in priority calculations, and if the mob is turbo agg, and attacks you first -- well, he has an (it, rather) advantage there as well. Mo!

From: Rufus Saturday, February 13, 09:40AM

depends on who types the attacking command to. -Ruf

From: Bryn Saturday, February 13, 10:27AM

Okie dokie, example. My high perc character goes three agg and backstabs a non-agressive mob. The mob gets priority. Bad luck?


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