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Posted by Mo on 02/17

Upon finding out that gms of clans couldn't withdraw, i got the response that it was done so to prevent transfer of money between characters. Under the assumption that they meant chars of the same player, (since it can be done if its two different players, and not even illegal) there are a few things i have to ask. If only gms can withdraw, then there should be no risk of such transfer, since gm-flag will be removed from the char they delete themselves. Thus, a gm who could withdraw from one incarnation won't be able to withdraw from his next -- and if he could, that's buggy, considering you can't even form a clan until level 5, and probably the same restriction applies to joining one. Also, if it's an rp clan where more than one alt of a char is enrolled in, they can't be both gm and member unless the gmship was re-pledged, since to induct, you have to have both chars online at the same time. Even then, the only possible transfer would be from non-gm char to gm char, rather one-way and, in my opinion, quite easy to track. At the moment, the clan account is only for upkeep of housing, and purchase of new rooms. Considering that the furniture and locks are quite expensive (not to mention the fact that it'd make more sense if there was a clanbuy command to simply draw it from the clan account, like clanbuild) it only makes sense that gms should be able to withdraw from the clan's account. Or even vote on a treasurer who can. Mo!

From: Sandra Monday, February 15, 06:01PM

Many clans seem to end up with the same player being GM, this will prevent any accusations or problems. Also, you may only have one character per clan, (of course only one pkiller), but you can have another character in another clan. -Sandra

From: Kaige Monday, February 15, 06:00PM

ok, first off, re-read help clans. Only one of your characters can be in a given clan at any time. You can't have two characters in the same clan. This goes with the similar idea of one pkenabled per player. A clanbuy command is certainly feasible, however, it'll take a little bit to code. The main reason clan bank accounts are to protect the whole of the clan A single player cannot get control of the GMship and rob the clan bline 'err blind too) and run off with the money while the clanhall and all protection and stored equipment goes poof. -Kaige

From: Mo Wednesday, February 17, 10:50PM

If the gm wanted to do that to a clan, he could simply disband the clan. Else i doubt gms would leave their clan bare then run, if their hatred for the clan wasn't enough to simply disband it. Mo!


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