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Posted by Quervo on 02/23

Here is my little suggestion about storeage of equipment in player owned houses. Players can only store items in a chest, locker, dresser, etc. The ammount of equipment (rent) it can hold could be based on the cost. Example : chest costs 100k, rents for 1000 and can hold 10,000 rent. Locks could also be added to the storeage item. Yes, this would be costly. I am not sure how you would want to deal with players leaving things in the middle of the floor. The best thing would be if they would time out after so many long and be gone. Only items in a storeage location would remain for more than 1 hour or something. This would also help with the problem of your house guests leaving something that causes you to pay extra rent on your house.

From: Brede Saturday, February 20, 03:23PM

Maybe make the chests only accessable to the owner of the chest, and allow clan people each to have their own chest in the house, so that they could keep their own stuff in it.

From: Vandervecken Monday, February 22, 04:25AM

I'm really not sure what problem you're trying to solve here Quervo. The housing system as written is perfectly fine for managing eq left in them. Forcing us to squirrel our trophies and trinkets away would just reduce them to the so-called 'storage lockers'. For our houses to become homes, we need to be able to decorate them as we please, adding touches unique to our characters. If you personally have problems with people littering your home, I suggest you be more judicious with the befriend command in the future and reread the help file on 'repudiate'. Capt. Janke van der Vecken, Proprietor Flying Dutchman Imports

From: McDonald Monday, February 22, 07:59PM

Your just choosing to overlook certain problems, whether you don't think they are problems or not. One should be able to drop junk in their house, without having to pay rent for it. Obviously this eq would poof upon rent or reboot as before. Maybe what we need is the ability to add a room that doesnt save eq. So stuff can be dropped. Often in the past people have stuck easy to get spirit eq etc, in clanhalls. This is nothing one would want to pay rent on indefinately. Its much easier to just get the eq all over when there is a reboot. Also there is the question of who will be able to pick up eq on the ground. Obviously it would be nice to have bandages etc laying around, but by the same token, you might not want your prized possessions to be able to be picked up by just anyone. Even if you let them in your house, you dont necessarily want them to pick up just anything, and by the same token it would be nice to have stuff they could feel like they could use. Which is why I think it would be good to have the ability to have a room that saved eq, probably just one like this, and all other rooms not save eq over rent.

From: Vandervecken Tuesday, February 23, 04:36AM

Well, MacDonald, it was certainly not my intention to overlook certain problems; however, as the first sentence in my post states, I didn't know what problem Quervo was trying to solve, because he never defined it. Your post has illuminated your concern (presumably its the same as Quervo's). As I now understand it, you object to paying rent for equipment you don't desire to save over a crash/reboot. Your solution, as I understand it, would be to define all equipment that was lying on the ground (and not in special containers) as unwanted, and therefore rent-free and expendable. Well, your problem may or may not have merit. I'm not going to discuss it here. I'd rather explain to you why your solution is a poor one for many of us who have purchased housing. Its apparent to me that you view your house as a fortress/warehouse. A perfectly reasonable point of view. There are, however, many who view their houses as an extension of their socialization and roleplay. They (and this includes myself) are trying to build homes. I doubt that you've entered many homes that were devoid of the touches and possessions of its owner except for one very securely locked crate in the corner. I would be loathe to have to gather my collection of roses from my garden and hide them away from the admiring eyes of the world. Many of us have with the aid of PR imms had zip strung to further personalize our abodes. The zips are, of course, dropped on the floor of the room, so that folks can see and enjoy them. I'm sorry I can't offer you an alternative solution to your problem, but perhaps you can take into consideration this viewpoint when coming up with a new solution. Capt. Janke van der Vecken, Proprietor Flying Dutchman Imports, London

From: Oxalis Tuesday, February 23, 05:09AM

You could put it the other way around, and say that only equipment which is in a special container is LOST over reboot. :) That way people could store expendable equipment, and not lose their home decorations.

From: Tarn Tuesday, February 23, 06:20AM

I am still puzzled by the apparent problem here. If you don't to save the eq, why bother dropping it in your house in the first place? Why not just junk it? Sounds like a simple solution to your problem, as I understand it, but then maybe I am missing something here about eq that you want to keep, but don't want to keep. Tarn (a very confused surgeon) btw, drop my house some time, to see how I have decorated it with zips

From: Mo Tuesday, February 23, 09:37PM

just find a neat hiding place for the spam junk. there are tons of places ppl don't go usually, that aren't too outta the way. sides, i think you can still drop invis bags with stuff in them :p


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