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Posted by Ronnie on 02/23

As it is now, bash is really the skill for a one way combat. All a fighter has to do is get insane damroll and bash people to death. If you arnt lagged at all, you get maybe 1 round to really do anything in combat before you get bashed again. Is it possible that bash could have 4 rounds of lag upon a succesful bash, and the regular 3 if its tumbled or misses?

From: McDonald Monday, February 22, 08:06PM

Just want to say I don't think this is necessary, though I do use bash, I'm not a str fighter primarily. You might notice that stun often lasts longer than the casters lag, and most of the time one only has a very short time to do anything also. Notice that casters time is less than targets means you have -amount of time to do anything. If you don't dodge a bash, or tumble it or whatever your gonna die most likely. Well actually, thats not true, only if you repeatly fail to dodge them, but this is how it should be.

From: Zeppelin Monday, February 22, 10:47PM

I think bash is fine -- although I would like to add that damroll seems to have way more effect in battle (ok pk) than hitroll. I think most of us have fought a 70damroll type fighter -- and Jesus do you notice it! They cream you (assuming they hit, which most do if they have > 80 dex or are full agg or stun or headbutt or bash -- basically they just hit) for rip to shreds or damcaps like, ahhhh, a lot! Anyways, as I ramble towards my point here -- uhh, what the hell does say 70hitroll do for a fighter? Near as I can tell not much more than jack. I mean maybe (read: slim maybe not noticible really) it may make you hit 1 more time outa say 8 in a given round. But, on a stun or bash or any such round, you hit all X outa X anyways, especially if you have 100 dex, and definiatly if you have 100 perc and 100 dex. Now I know that these stats have nice defensive benefits, I dont want that changed. But what I am getting at is plus hitroll eq and the plus hitroll you get from dex and perc is mostly useless. It really doesnt help you anywhere near the amount of plus damroll EQ. If you dont believe me, do a count on who all uses Hernes horns and what not -- you'll see what I see. Could perhaps hitroll be made to just just a tiny tad bit more for hitting? And, if we do this, could the hit boots from going agg be reduced to compensate (9 hitroll seems high for just typing agg 3 times hitting and fleeing). Zep

From: Mo Monday, February 22, 11:31PM

As a player who has always had pkers with the bash skill, I agree that it is probably one of the best combat skills out there assuming that you get it to land. Truth of the matter is that landing a bash has really nothing to do with how much more str you have compared to the target. A mage with 22 str will easily tumble bashes given that the char has 60 dex, and you can see that in numerous logs -- look at Zeppelin tumble two bashes in one round against two different strength fighters. And what happens if it gets tumbled? The str fighter is lagged for a horrendous 3 rounds, much more than they'd be if he had failed a stun, warcry, shoot, kick... what have you. During that 3 round lag, a str fighter hits for squat -- again check the logs, they even get 0 pt rounds, even with 40+ damroll. Hitroll means a LOT when you are wielding a big weapon, and of course it won't mean jack if you have a puny 5kg dagger to start out with -- so what if you hit more, when each hit is a mere scratch. Mo!

From: Zeppelin Tuesday, February 23, 12:30PM

My point was 60 hitroll hits no more than 20 hitroll.... regardless of weapon weight.

From: Ma Tuesday, February 23, 03:24PM

Actually i was at about 25-30 hitroll with my last character and he kinda relied on headbutt to do damage cos he'd miss to much otherwise. I'm at 40 hit with this character, often agg so even more hit and I rarely do much more damage when I headbutt.. I guess it depends on the kind of character. I think str fighters with bash need it the least cos their targets sitting 2/3 rounds, cons target is stunned 1/2 rounds and dex needs hitroll most cos their target's very rarely stunned from choke and will often kick instead. I was surprised to find it helps me a lot but if I could bash or even headbutted most the time I might lose some hitroll for damroll.. It's only really when I stun that I lose the benefit from having high hitroll. -shrug- I still don't know what's best.. give us a look at the code! :P

From: Mo Tuesday, February 23, 08:38PM

Hitroll makes a huge difference in my experience, especially for chant vina vant dyn ex fighters. Without hitroll, you either outright miss or have all the hits get absorbed by acs, whereas hitroll will allow you to penetrate armor (in my experience :p) more easily. And believe me, there is a huge difference in 10 hit and 20, 20 and 25, and 25 and 34 :p Mo!


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