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EQ with a twist - please append suggestions

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Posted by Zeppelin on 02/25

I idea's this, but would also like to get some mort feedback. What do you guys & gals think of pre-colored EQ? I mean just a few items, we wouldnt want to flood the market and devalue color coupon. I was also thinking no multi-color stock EQ, since a multi-color coupon is pretty much the king of prizes. Anyway, here were a few I though of: a silver ring impressed with red runes a cloak of midnight a cloak of sunlight You get the point --- hmm these even show up in color I bet not haha! Zep PS I bet I cannot erase this if it looks stupid either!

From: McDonald Tuesday, February 23, 11:42PM

I asked the imms about this a couple years ago I think, hehe. If I remember right, they said it eats up a couple bytes more memory. Weird answer huh.

From: Deanna Tuesday, February 23, 11:45PM

Well, next update, there will be a very limited set of colored stuff available - not quite the stuff you were talking about there, but some. I'll write more about it when it goes in. :)

From: Deanna Thursday, February 25, 05:17AM

Ok, this feature is now in... there is someone at the wool mill in Melbour who may be some use :) Deanna.


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