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Posted by Mo on 03/05

Where are we on this atm? Did housing just bulldoze over this and never had it recovered? Granted xp isn't all that hard, but I'd really much rather PK to retire than Mobkill to retire :p Seriously tho, think we had a lot of the kinks worked out (other than the actual coding) but never heard feedback. Mo!

From: Poetry Wednesday, February 24, 12:21PM

Yes, I think Mo's point idea is excellent! I would like to get some imm feedback too:). There is definately something silly with making the unclanning requirement have nothing to do with pkill. And it makes pkillers so reluctant to enter pkill in the first place, cause its so hard to get out. Maybe make RP, have a factor in the point system, so that, as Sandra warned, the pkill world doesnt degenerate into crazy random killing for points accumilation. Although, I must say, that wouldnt be too bad either, seeing as right now, people are afraid to leave their houses and face kill-starved hunters like myself (and a couple more!). Consider that maybe the points system will actually quench the thirst for random pkill, and create a better pkill environment... allowing hunters to get there fill, and finally relax and stop typing "who" every minute, well I have a "who" event that just types it every 30 seconds and triggers on pkiller's names in the list and sends an alarm through the speakers that drags me away from my recording studio, but thats another story:) Anyway, there is definately a problem in entering and exiting pkill. I dont know how to fix it, but its really making the whole thing drag, and would benefit from some kind of incentive based rp whatever you name it solution. Poetry Modele

From: Sandra Wednesday, February 24, 03:43PM

Admittedly, this is something that i haven't though much on recently with the list of other things I have to get done. I can't speak for Ea or the rest of the staff though, but for me, this would be something doable at a later date, once we've got our current projects in line. -Sandra

From: Bryn Friday, February 26, 05:06PM

Bryn like. Bryn too lazy to get 50 million xp. -thud-

From: LadyAce Thursday, March 04, 04:00PM

Hi all -- I talked with Ea some about this, and this is what the two of us came up with. 1 -- We don't have a way to keep people from using multi to stack up lots of points. 2 -- Any pk points system -would not- make it easier or shorter to unclan -- Sandra is happy with the difficulty/time involved right now, and the addition of a "points" system would not ease that burden. 3 -- The environment. This code would encourage people to pick on the easy kills i.e. weaker/lower level/less experienced pkillers, and to do so repeatedly. And these "easy kills" are in fact the same people who are the future of the pk scene. Driving them out is not a good plan. At any rate, I think we came up with more problems than this -- but this is what's at the top of my head right now. It's an interesting idea, and it does make more sense to have pk-retirement have more to do with being a pk'er, but there are a number of unsurmountable flaws. Stacks of immorta er, immortal-devised proposals end up in the exact same category, so please don't think that we're disliking it because it came from mortals. -LadyAce

From: Mo Thursday, March 04, 08:17PM

1. There is no way to stop ppl from multi'ing to get xp either atm. The point's aren't an award great enough, as is xp, to multi somebody. As i recall, each point is worth roughly 1k xp in terms of reaching unclanning goal -- would you multi sombody for 1k xp and risk getting multi'd? 2. It is not the matter of difficulty/time that the point system was brought up. It would not change difficulty/time as much as it would actually give ppl some reason to pk instead of mobkilling everyday to keep up. The fact is that to unclan, you will be spending tons of time regardless of this system. The reason this is being brought up is that it rewards people who are have been active in pk, be it on the losing side or the winning side, whereas the current system gives absolutely nothing to losers. 3. Again, ppl pick/attack on weaker players as it is, since it is less risk to them of losing xp. Therefore, ppl who consider themselves weaker try to run, which hampers their fighting capabilities greatly, reinforcing their prejudgement that they are weaker. With a point system, there's less reason to run, and it can actually be a "learning experience" even if you die while choosing to stand your ground. In short, by motivating ppl to stand up and fight, it will actually get their skills levels up to par much quicker. To sum it up, this point system isn't being suggested to greatly reduce the burden of pkers who want to unclan -- at the moment, a willing pker can unclan very easily in at most 300 hrs, and for most of the ppl who pk it will take much shorter than that (that is, 300 hrs after deciding they should unclan). However, if one has unclanning in mind, never are they free of the thought of mobkilling and xp, and generally creates an atmosphere where people become stingy with their xps. Point system would alleviate it somewhat, not by rewarding them with more than what they lost, but by giving them points of xp that cannot be taken away. It doesn't take a hell of a long time to hold your own in pk. Just a matter of plunging. Point systems and any other method that at least gives the illusion of being rewarded just for participating will increase pk participation and general skill level. Without a good percentage of folks being competitive, the mud can be easily 'controlled' by a small group of ppl who know what they are doing, and who will try to extend their control by simply scaring ppl offline or by not giving ppl a chance to practice (wolfpacks). Above all, it would help pk become more colorful, with persistence paying off eventually even if you lose all the time and simply make up xp loss (sometimes a hard task for ppl who can't afford to be online lots). Mo!

From: LadyAce Friday, March 05, 09:00AM

You say that it wouldn't increase multi/picking-on -- the difference would be the fact that these points would not be at risk. So why not multi someone a few times, jump a little more ruthlessly, if no real payback is possible? At least with a current multi or attack under questionable circumstances, your gains are still at risk from the friends of the victim, if not the victim him/her self. And as for exp from pk, I don't think you should get any for multi, anyway but I'm not sure that's very easy to code. I respect and agree with the underlying idea of encouraging people to be more active in pkill, and I'd like to see the system made to work, but the people who I think we want to encourage to take more risks are not the established "winners" or extremely aggressive types, but rather the less-experienced and less-aggressive types. Creating a system which gives any increased benefit, however slight, to the people who are already strong, will be ultimately counter-productive. -LA

From: Mo Friday, March 05, 02:10PM

These points are not at risk, sure. That is true for the aggressor as well. But the gaming experience was never centered around xp or such, always on reputation and the reactions from others upon seeing you online. I don't know how many times i have to point this out, but atm, there are not too many people here, if any, that get away with multi'ing somebody without anyone deciding to do something about it. Consider the case of arkansau, who wasn't even in range for the most 'established' pkers. He didn't get away with his multi, and those that have the reputation of multi'ing can't quite log online without checking the scene without their unclanneds. How often do you see Dusk online and active while none of his buddies are online or if there are anyone that is even slightly competent in pk? The additional motivation this might give established pkers is more than negligible. I can tell you now that points or no points, I'll be as 'established' and 'aggressive' as i ever was, and it's hard to be "more" aggressive than I am now -- and for most of us pkers. Mo!


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