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Posted by Dulcimer on 03/01

I'm not sure if this is in the works, but could ownership fade after a certain amount of time? i.e. 5 mud days or something like that? Dulcie

From: LadyAce Sunday, February 28, 05:38PM

I believe that this change went in already, on Friday. The timer is two days, however, not five. Feedback welcome :)

From: Tarn Sunday, February 28, 10:04PM

The hometowns are becoming very spammy at the moment with newbie gear, presumably from players who give up and exit by quitting y Can the ownership rules not apply until the player can save, ie if a player has not played for half an hour or has not reached level 2, ownership does not yet apply? Tarn

From: Dulcimer Monday, March 01, 12:07AM

Feh, I appended earlier but it got eaten. To briefly recap- 2 RL days seems an awfully long time to wait for ownership to decay. True, it's better than ownership never decaying, but it's still a really long ti time. Would 5 or 10 mud days be unreasonably short? Dulcie.

From: Ganymede Monday, March 01, 12:58AM

I think the two days is fine...it gives a nice cushion of time for people who can't come back for their corpses due to connection problems (which, aye, I do have). Sir Ganymede Alderon.

From: LadyAce Monday, March 01, 09:09AM

I forgot to mention -- it shouldn't work for people who are level 1. Not sure which code update this will go in with, though.


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