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Posted by Mo on 03/02

Half mages that don't rely on spells to fight but rely on having them to fight have roughly 50 pts less than that of straight fighters (25 more mind, 25-35 more spirit). However, in the case of a 2nd cause half mage, this disadvantage is easily surmounted as follows: strength spell, cuts down deficit to 40 pts. bless spell, equivalent of having 15 more dex. armor spell, equivalent of having heaps more dex. clumsy, weaken, idiocy spells, that can narrow the stat gap by at least 10 cure light, equivalent of having a tad bit more hps. hide spell, equivalent of having 10 more perc. those are just spells that i could more easily relate to the stat gap alone, not to mention the rest of the spells that simply can't be figured into such numbers but obviously help... I bring this up cuz I built an alt (yay, go me) that was to be a pure fighter, and turns out that he'll have a mere 80 hps and 6 hitroll over this half mage, without any of the spells. Honestly I don't see a non-mage char beating a half-mage unless he/she gets quite lucky or is very well prepared (rub sore back from Ma's para bs), esp since dazing headbutts, para warcries, carotids etc don't last as long as wfw stuns (which, even in my case last full two rounds most of the time, as opposed to 1.5). Solution? More -spi eq that isn't +5net. Think we need heaps and heaps of those before fighters have a chance, or have spell req's increased a tad (in the spirit department, preferrably comparable to at least surgery level or meditate level, if gradual stats are EVER going in). Mo!

From: Crackle Monday, March 01, 06:43PM

having higher requirements for spells is a ridiculous concept. it is already really hard to get and keep the stats needed to have all the words. Considering you need con, per, spr, AND mnd requirements met to have all the words I think they are pretty much right on as it is. A straight fighter has many options considering they have lots of free rent (providing no spam gear) they can use wands, increase dam/hit rolls using heavy rent items, be able to rent a lot of other items with neat-O side affects that mages just can't. Also they have at their disposal all the fight skills whereas mages only have 1+their spells. The axioms of the london and klein home town aid the warrior in the use of the skills as well. Mages are good yes, but with blind and bind being changed as well as creates not having a lot of heavy damage spells it is hard to see the huge advantage these char types have over a 'straight' fighter with a mighty damroll especially if the aforementioned strategies were employed.

From: Mo Monday, March 01, 08:03PM

1 fight skill + spells is ridiculous, you can easily have two full fight stats with spells. By half mages i mean those mages that either can't use all of their words in their 'fight' gear or those that have fight stats that are higher than mind.. and those have their way over straight fighters every single time barring luck, it seems. Just look at the log between me vs ma, he's a much better pker than i am, yet he succumbs to me :p (pat self, etc etc etc) Anyway, i seriously think something should be done, it does feel good to be on the winning side and all, but to be challenged only when a fighter is actually a better pker than i am (not usual since most pkers opt mage anyhow) gets boooring. Mo!

From: Raskolnikov Monday, March 01, 11:36PM

Uhm You got completely lucky against Ma. You got 2 wfw's and woke up before him on a double stun and you still only had around 100 hp left which is 1 round of stunned damage. You can't have 100 in 2 fight stats and know spells. You might be able to spam for them but anyway that's totally different. You have to give up a lot if you wanna be able to use spells effectively in a fight. PK is an odd thing anyway, and changing the whole mud around to reolve aro und it is sorta ridiculous.

From: Mo Tuesday, March 02, 02:09AM

Mmm. beat ma again without wfw's in indus, altho granted i healed :p And 100 pts is 2 rounds at the very least, since cap is 88. Anyway, i still think -spi eq that isn't +5 is the way to go to balance things out, probably heaps of +10something -5spi ish gear, and stuff. Mo!

From: Ma Tuesday, March 02, 06:28PM

Bah, my hour long append was eaten -spit- -spit- -spit-


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