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Posted by Ma on 03/02

With the old clan halls, you had access to the same room from any era which was quite useful at times. I guess it'd be too much to ask for houses to be connected but how about linked containers? Drop items in these special containers and you can access them from other houses with the same container.

From: Kaige Tuesday, March 02, 01:11PM

Well, let's see. Moving player housing and clan halls to in game settings locations, and descriptions were a way to pull them into the world instead of having them sitting out in the ether in some sort of limbo land. While we do allow the convenience of global and cross-era banking, I do not see a real place for worm hole containers. -Kaige

From: Duo Tuesday, March 02, 05:53PM

I believe those are called mail chests?

From: Ma Tuesday, March 02, 06:39PM

Ahh so you're the one obsessed with realism. -peer shopkeepers- you know it's destroying the game.


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