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Posted by Shiva on 03/14

I don't know about the others, but I seem to notice a trend in all the better eq sliding to a rent value of 3k+. Now you may say, this is only reasonable for such good equipment, however when I recently tried working out a set of equipment for one of my characters I was amazed. I found out for the statistics that I wanted the equipment I needed to accumulate would sit at a base rent of over 52k, and that was with a slot open. I can understand decent eq having higher rent but when it comes to the point a person can't wear a full set of equipment at 50th without being overrent, IMHO it's gone a bit far. I would like for other peoples input on this and see if maybe we can't figure out a way that eq can still be used without having to cost you too much of your rent value. Shiva

From: LadyAce Tuesday, March 02, 12:25PM

I agree that lately, a number of great items have been added at the high end of the rent scale -- and by and large, you get what you pay for. The rent of an item is directly tied to the item's properties, with discounts for disadvantages and increases for advantages. If you can't afford to equip yourself to the super duper combination you had in mind, then be content with a less super duper combination. There are still lots of items out there with cheaper rent and fewer nifty properties -- i.e. net +5 but no dam roll, or net +4 or +3 (and if 4 or 3 is all you need, don't pay for +5!). Rent is intended as a limit to the amount of stuff you can wear. On the other hand, the eq set is not perfect, we don't have everything in every slot of every material (is that perfection? I'm not sure). If there is a specific item you'd like to see, a specific feature you'd like to see made more available, etc. then those comments are very helpful for builders. The less-souped-up +5 items and the +4/3 may not have made it into your eq database, or you may not know about it, but it's there :) -LadyAce

From: Zeppelin Tuesday, March 02, 03:36PM

Since you mentioned it LA: The platinum leaf should be changed. I was thinking maybe see invis, perma light 7500 rent.

From: Rufus Tuesday, March 02, 03:49PM

It does so much more than see invis/perma light tho. -Ruf

From: Zeppelin Tuesday, March 02, 04:09PM

I know -- I was suggesting taking off the other stuff for the rent reducti

From: Tiamat Tuesday, March 02, 05:56PM

Hehe, my complaint about the platnium leaf is it has Detect Evil rather than true Aura Sight which I find kinda annoying :P otherwise I like all of its abilities the way it is Tiamat

From: Mo Tuesday, March 02, 09:59PM

Yeah, it's one of the few items i might consider actually using cuz it's a really cool way of preventing you from getting surprised, even as a -poke zep- NON-mage :p. As far as renty eq goes, well, yeah, i run into problems when i try to use 2 brines, 2 hernes, worn riding, eye of cyclops, silver feathers, gae bolgs, maclir's mail, kraken belt, black horseshoe, suger's chalice.. but seriously, most of the problem i have is with the pesky rent on the gae-bolg -- would seriously like a dagger as heavy with 5net. (even if it has to be spi!) Mo!

From: LadyAce Wednesday, March 03, 10:12AM

I redid the rent calcs on the items Mo listed, and all of them are within 500 of spec, except the eye which is substantially cheap. The next question is whether the spec has problems, and I believe it does -- the revision of the spec is an ongoing process, which Rufus has been working on, and which we're currently discussing. Among the topics: Making metal more worthwhile for the extra cost, making "magical" ac cheaper (AC is "magical" when it is not affected by the amount of damage an item has on it), and making items which are +1/2/3 cheaper -- currently it's a flat charge per stat point, and we're talking about a sliding scale. -LadyAce

From: Mo Wednesday, March 03, 12:42PM

Hrm, i mentioned those items because they're renty period, not because they were out of spec or anything -- and, imho, they're just fine and dandy the way they are. I personally think the bonuses that come with a stat -- damroll, hitroll hps and whatnot -- shouldn't be overweighed by gear that simply gives them to you (case in point, there's at least twice as much +dam gear out there than the amount of damroll you can get with 100str) because that tilts the mud towards stats that are harder to get with gear. (atm, con as a stat is more powerful imho cuz the amount of +hps isn't comparable to amount of +hit/dam out there in terms of ratio and effectiveness.. not the sole reason, but still :P) I like the current rent scheme because it actually forces you to pick and choose more -- if everyone could rent every 'best' gear for that slot, it'd be rather boring to make chars -- as it is, it's kinda pointless to make fighter chars because they're really not too different from one another -- a few stat points worth of difference here and there, but they generally end up with similar sets of eq. As far as the sliding scale of rent is concerned, i don't think that'd make things easier or make them more attractive per se. The problem with such gear is that by the time you are able to kill a mob with such gear on it, you're most likely to be 'useful' enough to be part of a group that can get +5net. Rent or no rent, eq being only a matter of time, no amount of rent reduction will get those non-'optimal' gear to be a permanent part of an eq set unless it has a high +. (altho one of my alts did have a twisted gold ring at lvl 50 due to rent) If anything, i think rent on +hit/dam/hp eq should be increased to make them less commonplace in terms of ppl using them, and versions of gear without the bonuses but the same stats introduced elsewhere... maybe even a mob that can rip spells and +s from gear and reduce their rent :p Mo!

From: Zeppelin Wednesday, March 03, 12:58PM

I agree with Mo -- there is tons of +damroll eq (which i use some of) and not very much comparable eq for the other stats (ie +hp that aint timed, +[6]hitroll, +mana that aint a huge joke or a rent and/or timed, etc, etc. I like the variety that has been going in, but I would like to see other choices that were of equal value for the rent). Anyways, here are some suggestions: A +6hitroll held item. A +6hitroll bracelet item. A +5 net staff that is +30 hp. A see invis item that is +3net stat and not huge rent. A detect hidden item that is +3net and even less rent. A pair of shoes that cut mv cost / room in half. A perma light item that goes in a slot and is +4 net stat. A timed perma light that rents (less rent than current 2 and soloable to g A +10% parry +5net staff. A -10% parry +5net sword that has a damage special like wither/cause light MORE COLOR EQ -- preferably + 5 net so we can actually use it without a coupon. Zep

From: Rufus Wednesday, March 03, 03:51PM

Some of the items you mentioned are in the game now... have fun looking for them =) (have been for a couple weeks, btw) -Ruf

From: Ma Wednesday, March 03, 08:49PM

I think someone mentioned earlier that +dam shouldn't all be on +str eq and I agree, when you're not a str fighter you generally only want between 22 and 35 strength while everyone really should have at least 60 dex. Because of this, either +dam should be added to other stat eq or +hit shouldn't be attached with +dex.

From: Skar Thursday, March 04, 11:22AM

ooh! More +mana eq would be nifty --- I can always use more mana!

From: Rufus Thursday, March 04, 02:52PM

again... this last request has been filled recently... -Ruf

From: Mo Thursday, March 04, 02:56PM

okay. let's all go to PD... have this uncanny feeling that additions were made in there :p

From: Emlyn Friday, March 05, 02:07AM

Just a coupla things .. I think it would be nice if the plat leaf used the light slot instead of held slot .. all that rent and then losing a slot as well is a bit too much! Might actually use it on a char then, is a nice item. Re +mana items, yes would be nice to see more of them, but i hope that in the rent calculations +mana is cheaper than +hps, because it really should be.

From: Raskolnikov Sunday, March 14, 01:31AM

I have no idea what kind of char you are playing with 20+ pracs left at 50, but I bet you suck pretty bad.


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