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Owned Item timeout

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Posted by Ix on 03/03

With the huge amounts of low rent spam cluttering Tara and other areas, the idea has come up that a sliding timeout for owned equipment should be implemented to clear out the clutter more quickly. At first I thought a level based timeout would be a good idea, but Wraith points out that higher levels shouldn't need as long to get their stuff. Still, Ma points out that some stuff takes forever to replace. I have to say that while the stuff that takes forever to replace is important, a high level character with such gear should be capable of getting to their corpse in pleanty of time to recover it. If a high level char w/ lots of good eq dies in a really nasty area, than its prolly going to take a big well-meaning CR team to help them recover, and the risk of item theft is not a large one. As Charity pointed out - ownership went in to prevent immediate looting of disintegrated corpses. So here's my idea: An ownership timeout based on the rent of the item factored by the level of the owner inversely. Say: one real hour + (((rent/10) - minutes) - (1/owner level)) That's just a starting point for discussion, but that means that an item will persist AFTER disintegration of the corpse for a minimum of one hour (thats a total of 90 mins to get your stuff to start). A 10th level player w/ a 1k rent item would have: 60 + ((1000/10) - (1/10)) = 70 minutes after corpse disintigration to get that particular item. Tweaking of the formula will, of course, be required, but I think we can all agree that the clutter is staying around FAR too long right now. A humble suggestion, Ix

From: Sandra Wednesday, March 03, 08:52AM

What happens if your network dies and you can't get on within that one hour? Or your lagged really bad, or the hard area repops, and it takes longer than an hour to get to your corpse? There will be a 2 day limit on owned items that aren't in houses(owned by the homeowner that is), newbie eq will not be owned, so there will be less spam. That seems a much simpler solution than the one you've posted, doesn't it? -S

From: Mo Wednesday, March 03, 12:56PM

Newbie eq not being owned will be nice, and it would be nice if piles of gold can't be owned either -- nobody's gonna miss the couple hundred coins they were carrying with them, and if they do, that's just too bad :p seriously, i hate seeing gold around out in the open that's "not yours!" And speaking of simple solutions, it'd be a much more simple solution simply to have chars log in the game with all their gear on them instead of going to visit a corpse. I know CR is a big part of getting ppl to do anything and whatnot, but it'd be a solution that would prevent lotsa frustration not to mention multi's :p Mo!

From: Armani Wednesday, March 03, 03:08PM

-TOTAL AGRREMENT WITH MO- Why not have eq stay with you when you die? Please do not use the realism arguement -- who gets to come back after they die?

From: Ea! Wednesday, March 03, 04:51PM

Before we start talking about how much the ownership timeout needs to change, let's wait until the timeout is actually in the game. It had to be pulled since part of the function that did it was lagging the mud -way- too much. -Ea!


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