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Posted by Ma on 03/04

This was mentioned a while back but hasn't been brought up since. If anything but a con fighter, it's like you recieve up to double damage from spells. Spell damage needs to be based on a % of the targets max hps in such a way: If maxhps < 250 then 50% of the spells normal damage is applied, otherwise use a sliding scale up to 500 hps, anything over 500 'max' hps and full spell damage is applied. Of course this isn't enough to make snipers competitive "in duels" but it's a start. 80 perc really needs to be the minimum rather than 95+ to hit most the time with bows & guns. Anyways, one topic at a time.

From: Zeppelin Wednesday, March 03, 11:55PM

If you did that to spells, then you'd have to apply it to kick, elbow and all other damage? Hmmm, defeats the purpose entirely of going con: you can take more damage (from spells yes) and last, however you hit like a girly-man warrior. As to your second point --> yup bows and guns miss way way way too much. They surely shouldnt stun or knock to the ground any more often than they already do, but they should at least hit for some damage if you have 80 perc. Zep

From: Mo Thursday, March 04, 12:06AM

Well, we could put that nifty no-weapon-shoot thing back in :p But seriously, guns and bows miss waaaay too much, and when they hit, they do roughly half the damage a kick might have done. Granted shot s can do more than just damage, but i'd like it more if the chance of them going off would be reduced and have them hit/damage more. (or have that as a feature in a gun, a gun that does less damage but likely to stun more, a gun that does more damage but won't stun, a gun that will bash more, etc :P) As far as spell damage goes, it's quite silly imho that skills and spells easily surpass the "decimate" damage in pk, and even the weakest damaging skills can "obliterate" (barring guns, for the most part). It sorta defeats the purpose of going str and having damroll if ppl can hit you with as much damage kicking (i've received a 58pt kick once) or backstabbing or simply immolating. This would probably also help the problem of lowbie lvlling being way to easy with 40ish dex and kick/flee. Mo!

From: Ma Thursday, March 04, 08:23AM

I see your point but do you see mine? Perhaps it's impossible to balance but a sniper for example is meant to get hit less, which is the case to some degree with weapons but not spells. They also hit like a girl :) If it were me, I'd start from scratch.. If a classless MUD is really what's wanted, you should do just as well at 50/50/50 as 100/25/25. It'd be a whole lot easier to balance than what we have now, more interesting, more flexible and o'course I wouldn't need to perma so often. Oh and yes, that would involve using just ONE kind of arms training.

From: Armani Thursday, March 04, 10:02AM

I kinda like the 1 kind of arms training concept.... and I could live with across the board toning down of high damage specials, ie elbow, kick, immolate + others, backstab. However, in the current fight system I feel this would just over-power bash and headbutt and stun. Maybe, maybe not, its hard to guess. I guess its something that cant just be coded in, it would have to be pre-balanced and well thought out. I really do like the one arms training idea -- just have the fight code check you weapon type (ie a staff in my current case), then check my con, then check which of the 3 generic arms training skills I have. One huge bonus, as Ma said, is you can change from a STR fighter to a DEX one without the need to save tons or pracs (save backstab, etc) as long as you can manage the stats. It would give players a chance to use a large variety of weapons (assuming one exists hehe =P). Anyways....

From: Ma Thursday, March 04, 10:36AM

Actually, I didn't mean 1 prac/fight type but basic/advanced/expert general arms training which allowed you to use any weapon. Same kinda thing but this way would still see you improve with levels.

From: Armani Thursday, March 04, 12:20PM

I meant that too, if I wasnt clear: 3 total proficiencies. Basic, advanced and expert fighting.


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