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Posted by Brede on 03/09

Well this has been beaten to death I am sure in the past, but my idea is one with a little change. (I know there is one now in pict lands) The idea is this: A 20ish room arena when people can transfer into in pairs into to fight. EVEN IF THEY AREN'T PKILL ENABLED. No xp loss from death. No chance to loot. (maybe after the fight both characters could be booted out of the arena fully eq'd) And no xp from winning. The catch would be that it would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 5000 coins each to enter the arena. It must be by mutual consent. I know that there are people out there that want to try pkill without commiting to it. Also I think most of us have characters that they would like to try just once or twice. And the biggest reason I can see is RP reasons. Mabye a [Info]: (Arena) PlayerA killed by PlayerB! I pondered this and can't see a lot of negatives to it, but I am sure someone out there will come up with some. Comments please... Brede

From: Ma Thursday, March 04, 08:43AM

Unfortunately it doesn't matter whether the positives outweigh the negatives. If there's any reason not to, it's not going to happen, especially if you leave it up to others to figure out what you might consider obvious solutions to simple problems. On top of that, no IMM's gonna work on it unless they really want it, I can imagine most would have many of their own ideas they'd rather work on. Mmm, we need a keen pkiller who can code become an IMM baaad.

From: Guan-Yu Thursday, March 04, 10:34AM

Typical. If you don't get what you want, the imms have conspired to keep it away from you. Keep your cynicism to yourself in RL and see if you can say something more creative.

From: Ma Thursday, March 04, 11:11AM

Are you on drugs? How'd you turn around what I said to be anything other than fact? Do you honestly believe that any suggestions made would have been implemented if it wasn't something that caught the attention and interest of one of those who can actually make it happen? As for "saying something more creative", I've probably made more suggestions than anyone, only one of which was imp'd by Ptah yet I've made sooo many change indirectly as IMMs will much sooner slave away to rip anything the least bit convenient than to add what the majority of players really want. As for being cynical, that's true and I'm becoming more and more so the more time I spend here. Now I wonder why that is.

From: Croaker Thursday, March 04, 01:05PM

There is an area in the game currently that is similar to this. Only 2 players can fight at a time, and no looting is allowed as your corpse is transed to a saferoom on death (where you repop). This was designed for specifically this situation. I doubt you will ever see on this mud an arena where nonPK can fight each other (except for special tournaments), but at least the other options you mention are available within the game currently. n.b. A coding bug has cropped up since the area went in that I am waiting for the coding department to fix. This makes the corpse transing either not work or look funny. Bear with us while the coding department corrects this. Croaker

From: Mo Thursday, March 04, 02:47PM

It is true that nothing ever happens unless imms have free time, and it isn't that hard to see that any idea you come up with yourself sounds far more interesting than the one somebody else comes up with -- besides, you won't get as much credit. Only player-introduced things that i've seen change are things that are overwhelmingly advantageous to one or the other, like the change in sink, roots, walls, backstabs... the list goes on. Most of us pkers, at least those of us who play pretty much solely for the purpose of pkill are getting sick of offering suggestions when imms openly declare that they have no interest in pk. With statements such as these, it isn't far from the truth to say changes are only made when the imms think it convenient. Mo!- oh yeah. the point system retirement thingie.

From: Mo Thursday, March 04, 02:53PM

btw, on the arena thingie. i think it's dumb to give unclanneds any access to pk cuz it'd kill clanned life in general -- yeah, try sniping somebody in a 'duel.' even a generic arena code, imho, isn't necessary, it's not that hard nor impossible to get a duel going without the fear of interference, mostly cuz there's nobody online that's clanned and eager. (to jump/interfere, etc) Mo!

From: Brede Thursday, March 04, 11:05PM

OK, the arena that is her enow isn't used, and there are a few reasons. One being that it used to be a life and death struggle just for someone to get there. :P As for pkill in general, there really don't seem to be that many imms taking a large role in pkill as of late. (there might be, but most people know whos who, and there doesn't seem to be) I know imming takes time away from playing, but how can one change pkill for instance, if they are out of touch with it? More interaction between pkillers and imms might not hurt, since in the pkiller characters are the strongest on the mud in combat, and often among the best players as well. It would make sense to take advice and get info from those that know the system best IMHO. Brede

From: Lethargio Saturday, March 06, 04:46AM

make the price to enter for an unclanned to 100k, then I could see this happening without killing the spirit of pkill too much

From: Sarovar Sunday, March 07, 09:19AM

Info's like "player A killed by player B" for RP purposes is already an option. Just ask an imm. They generally like to help with things like that. I think the imms can change pkill if they are out of touch with it the same way that they can build areas. They code. Being an imm doesn't mean wearing a "Hear no mortal, see no mortal" helmet or anything, and quite a few of the suggestions made here are made. But you should try to ask the imms how long the list of "Projects to do" is. I think you will be surprised. And agreed, Brede. If you don't see any imm alts you know online, there probably aren't any. You do have this nasty habit of telling other people's alts to as many as you can. Glad you finally seem to have a hard time figuring out the alts. Could you explain your exclamation about "pkillers is often among the best players"? It sounds somewhat odd, since the best players must be those who have fun, and lots of pkillers seem to think that fun equals whining.

From: Marigold Monday, March 08, 10:59AM

For example: When someone slap my girl without reason here, I want to kill him. But I can't. Because he isn't pkiller, I'm not pkiller.. But why not? I think Arena is good idea. Marigold

From: Sarovar Tuesday, March 09, 11:06PM

When someone slaps your girl without reason, you could pkill-enable. If he is not interested in pkill-enabling, the chances that he would enter the arena with you are small. But you could try to solve it through talking, which -GASP- means roleplaying? Honestly, some people don't solve everything by slapping the other part, it is definetly worth a try.


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