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Posted by Agamemnon on 03/06

I agree that gravity is more reelistic and sounds fun to players. Alas right now its just an annoyance since you cant really use it for your benefit. I would then suggest to implement a few new spells that would allow players to play with gravity. These spells could also use the word KALA which is kinda underpowered compared to its cost. suggestions 'Remove Gravity' (mebbe guh kala rudh) permits you to remove gravity effects from a room and then prevents corpses and items to fall. 'Increase Gravity' (mebbe ksi vayu rudh or vina bhu dyn) would remove any flying effects (or planes utility) to a mob or player, leading him to the ground with the appropriate damage. Well sounds fun to me, please imms append your comments Good will Agamemnon -grr-

From: Skar Thursday, March 04, 11:29AM

I think mahi -- 'matter' -- might be better than kala -- 'time' -- but I agree that some gravity spells would be neat. Here's another -- a spell to cut the weight of an item in half -- meue mahi would be a good combo for it. Casting it on a weapon would alter the number of attacks you get. Casting it on a container would half the weight of the container, but not the contents. Timed effect, of course.

From: Conspiracy Thursday, March 04, 02:49PM

all excellent ideas, not sure on the words, but adding matter to something may also be benificial, in a pk sort of way. ;)

From: Mo Thursday, March 04, 02:52PM

under the current code, as i understand it, if you half the weight of the weapon you're more than likely asking for it to scrap on you :p a create version of weaken/encumber using 'gravity' concept, but not the code, could be nifty tho.

From: Rufus Thursday, March 04, 02:57PM

Not to mention by 1 spell reducing the weight of a 16kg/17maxdam weapon to 8kg/17maxdam will make that the single most sought-after spell in the game... think about it... a gae-bolg with the damage of a silver serrated... Sounds cool! Yeah! Until you're on the receiving end. -Ruf

From: Brede Thursday, March 04, 11:10PM

I think (maybe) Skar's idea might include the reduction of the max damage of the weapon accordingly as well. Hmm, first ideas for new spells that I have seen here in a while, it would be nice to see some serious comments on them. Especially since there was a recent announcement saying that some immort was looking for ideas on new spell combos. Brede

From: Brede Thursday, March 04, 11:14PM

Speaking of spell combos, how about a create disorientate spell effect? Either with a direct spell (would have to be costly) or as a gimps special attack, or even as part of the create weapons. (flaming sword excluded since it has a nice special, but dagger of ice and staff of light could use some help) Brede

From: Lethargio Saturday, March 06, 04:49AM

I'd like to see some 'jumping' attacks...maybe for dex? remember dragon knights in final fantasy? you could jump, then you would stay in air for a few combat ticks, maybe based on dex or str, then swoop down on opponent, hitting them if you have a good dex or perc or some sort...guess you'd have to make a way to make the player 'disappear' for that short time until they return... Leth


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