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Posted by Conspiracy on 03/04

it's my opinion, that with saving effects on their way to this wonderful MUD of ours, that druids will be one of the most important chars of all, and looking at fever, and a certain way to cure this, it seems to me that this effect should do a little more than make you thirsty, perhaps it could slowly eat at you, doubling in HP it takes away at each tick. and for my grand finally, I say we give that special to the sharp wit! =P just kidding about the wit, btw.

From: LadyAce Thursday, March 04, 04:09PM

If I recall correctly, a more complex "disease and health" system will go in as part of trees, including making fever/plague/etc make more of a difference, new diseases, new poisons, etc.

From: Duo Thursday, March 04, 04:56PM

so, under skilltrees....whenever it comes in =P will there be mobs we can vaccination flags from?

From: Conspiracy Thursday, March 04, 11:46PM



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