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Posted by LadyAce on 03/09

Hi all, An immortal asked that we delay one of this week's code changes, in order to get mortal opinions on it. We've gotten lots of comments from players in the "idea" file that prompt, group, and report should all display hp/mv/mana in the same order. There's two lines of thought: One approach favors HP/MV/MA for all because that's the way prompt is currently, people are used to it, etc. Another approach prefers HP/MA/MV out of the thought that it might be more logical -- HP/MA are more vital while fighting, and are close together, while MV at the end might help cut through spam while moving. Please append with your comments. We've had different people advocate each one, and the waters are becoming a little muddy at this point :) -LadyAce

From: Conspiracy Friday, March 05, 02:01AM

who cares what order it's in, I don't see that as being top priority. speaking of prompt, on the other hand, I've been told since the very day housing went in that wimpy would be added to prompt "at the next code update" and a few times even before that. I'm sorry if I can't relate to what order you want your prompt, I think it's fine the way it is and everyone else is used to it, AND {poke time management} the time taken to do this is being wasted when it could be used to fix the mass of bugs, or something like that. I'd also like to remind you that these are my personal opinions, and if you don't like them, I'm sure you know what you can do by now. -Conspiracy.

From: Ea! Friday, March 05, 08:53AM

I suspect your misquoting me on wimpy in prompt: I said that it had been suggested and was on our todo list, but did not have a specific install date in mind. -Ea!

From: Duo Friday, March 05, 10:41AM

I think a lot of high levels just turn the mv part off...so doens't really matter that much.

From: Darkanion Friday, March 05, 01:27PM

I have to agree that it doesn't matter much, just do whatever is easier and stick with it. As for things to add to prompt, wimpy would be an excellent addition. I heard time of day mentioned as well at one point, and that seemed to have a lot of backing as well. My prompt is allready so huge, I was wondering if the 'xp to level' text part could be shortened a little, since it seems to be the single longest string, and an useful one at that. Maybe just XPTL would suffice. I'm all fo more info in prompts, but once you get over 50 characters in your prompt, it starts getting hard to use. Darkanion

From: Zeppelin Friday, March 05, 01:29PM

This is easy -- you have prompt report and group -- all 3 should be in the same order. Code which ever is faster. I am guessing that means making them all in the same order as prompt. Changing the order of report and groups will prolly take Ea! about 30 mins total. Zep

From: Conspiracy Friday, March 05, 02:26PM

Lets see, I don't believe saying "Ea! said it would go in at the next code update". My original post never said that or hinted that in any way. My opinions, yadayadayada, you know what you can do.

From: Israfel Friday, March 05, 03:51PM

While we're on the topic, mud time in prompt would also be very welcome. It's a little irritating to have to keep checking time to see when my snipers can backstab (mobs) again. Israfel Shadowleaf

From: Kaige Friday, March 05, 04:04PM

Having the mud time display in prompt is not a feasible option, although it's a quite popular request. It is simply to expensive to do. The overhead in showing it in time is much lower if you have to type time than if it has to calculate it everytime it shows the prompt to someone who has that option on. Sorry. -Kaige

From: Mo Friday, March 05, 07:50PM

Having account balance and housing cost on score would be nice, or at least have something similar to the roster command for housing expense details. If not, how about an 'offer' command at a banker that allows you to see what you are getting charged for, and how much. Mo!

From: Marigold Monday, March 08, 11:11AM

Eh, it doesn't matter for me if it is HP/MV/MA or HP/MA/MV. Right now I want imms to add only one thing into prompt. See health from tank in prompt. For example i will set my tank (or tank of this group is "some name") and then I will see in prompt perfect, or bruised or.. etc So I will know when to calm, other fighters will know when to rescue. Other reasons. When I'm in group with someone i can see how is he doing. Typing gr after 2 rounds is stupid. Marigold, small surgeon.

From: Huggy Tuesday, March 09, 09:16PM

I see all the suggestions for the prompt, but I was mainly interested in some of Marigold's comments. From a surgeons perspective in a large group, the ultimate helper would be a color set up. If you are lower in hp you get a bolder color. It's just a suggestion so that when the 'gr' is scrolling away with the spam of a fight, you at least catch your eye on who -really- needs the healing. -Hugs- Huggy


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