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Posted by Conspiracy on 03/07

it's been mentioned before, and I'd like to add to it since it was never really talked about much. the idea of stringing a gun or bow is great because of the amount of times the weapon is seen through normal commands (reload, shoot) and someone mentioned a possible item that won't disappear when empty (quiver, ammo box) and then we could also string that to something cool and viola. I don't especcially like the idea of restringing my quiver every time I shoot that 43rd shot, and it would b much worse for gun shooters. just an idea, hope to see more on it. append!

From: Fallen Sunday, March 07, 11:35AM

I like the idea.. I personally liked Clutch's: "Clutch reloads a high-cali ber consecrator from a can of whoopass" )

From: Conspiracy Sunday, March 07, 06:15PM

heh, that is good.

From: Mac Sunday, March 07, 10:37PM

Yeahhh, I want: "Mac reloads his detatchable penis from a dirty magazine." -POW POW-


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