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Posted by Peter on 03/09

While on the subject of hide, i just have a few questions about seeing hid dden Now on the help file for hide, it sort of implies that you can see hidden if you have enough per, which makes sense, if i have good vision i should be able to see more than a person with low perception With that in mind, why the hell cant i see hidden, or sneak for that matter? When i finally got 100 per i asked around for people to hide and sneak and see if i could see them, obviously i couldnt. If come to find out that the help files are wrong, i am still of the opinion that people with high per should be able to see hidden, like and mage can do easily. I would appreciate any imm or experienced player writing and telling me what, if anything, i am doing wrong. thanks

From: Conspiracy Monday, March 08, 04:27PM

I've never had any problems seeing someone sneak with 100 perc, hide os different, and the help file does imply that you can with high perc. ;)

From: Sandtiger Monday, March 08, 04:38PM

Well unless they changed it (which seems almost everything gets that attention nowadays) a char with high perc could see hidden creatures, a good example or test is to walk around agrabah, lottsa mobs hide there. Sandtiger

From: Xoldier Monday, March 08, 06:39PM

mobs that are hidden have (hide) on them, despite what their long description may say. high perc is also talked as if it can see invis, but that obviously isn't the case either.

From: Kundry Tuesday, March 09, 05:33AM

my 100/90 perc people can -usually- see sneaking, not always, but almost. They can see hidden exits. However, they cannot flee from rooms with only hidden exits. -poke barney- which imho, is rather silly. They cannot scan through hidden exits which their perc lets them see. Again that seems rather strange. They cannot under any circumstances I've come across ever detect hidden. I've never managed to catch sight of a camo'd skatha with 100 perc. It would be nice if 90+ perc gave det hidden. Also, it'd be nice if dex/perc could increase the success rate on skills such as pick lock and sneak. Also if perc figured in tumble. =) Just my two cents. Kundry

From: Ma Tuesday, March 09, 09:45AM

I don't think you should automatically see hidden but give you more of a chance to uncover hidden mobs or players with a 'search' command. It wouldn't give you detect hidden but would unhide whoever's found in the room.


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