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Posted by Conspiracy on 03/09

this skill is extremely annoying for the little benifit it gives. so I have this idea. (of course) listen direction gives you a chance of hearing what's said in the room to that direction. based on perception of course. append!

From: Sandra Monday, March 08, 09:32PM

Help file for the listen skill: Syntax: Listen Will tell you if you hear movement in a nearby room. Also, if you have this skill youhave a chance(based on your perception) of overhearing whispers and questions asked by others. -Sandra

From: Lethargio Monday, March 08, 10:02PM

hmm, I think it would help if you could overhear tells if the two people are in the same room... @cents

From: Tad Tuesday, March 09, 05:17AM

Heh, given the generally ooc nature of tells I think that -any- way for PC's to listen in on tells would be a Bad Thing(tm) -Tad

From: Conspiracy Tuesday, March 09, 03:06PM

I know how listen works, there's no distinction between mobs and pc's. and my suggestion was that people with listen actually hear what is said from one room away, toggleable, of course. ;)


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