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Re-centering hit/damroll

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Posted by Mo on 03/31

Currently there's too much +hit/dam gear around, to such a degree that it's even possible to have more damroll than a 100str char with less than 30 str. How about making the 0 hit/dam bonus point be 40, and have damroll and hitroll be awarded in a non-linear scale that increases bonus as str goes up? Say, 1 damrol per 5 str til 50, per 3.33 til 60, per 2 til 70 and up? Similar scale with hitroll. May even be steeper going down, so that less than 40 or 30 str gets quite heavily penalized. Atm, I seriously can't see much disadvantage having wimpy damroll as long as you can headbutt (EVERYONE seems to decimate on a stun) or hitroll, yet hp diff makes a huge difference. So, i just think the two other stats, dex/str, should match con in terms of the bonus it gives. Seriously +hp gear only gives as much hps as having 10-12 con, or even just 7-8 con, whereas comparable rent hit/dam gear gives as much as having 18 of that stat. (if there were, say, 5 con held 80hps gear or something that's 3.3k rent or so...) Mo!

From: Windu Wednesday, March 10, 01:33PM

Yeah, and its all timed -puke-

From: Rufus Wednesday, March 10, 01:44PM

on comparing +hps to +hit/dam gear, you're really comparing apples to oranges. The bonuses gained by con in terms of hps are scaled over all 50 levels, hitroll and damroll are not. At lower levels, a +x hps gear is worth 20 to 30 con as opposed to at level 50, +x hps gear is worth 6-12 con. This is why rent spec for +hit/dam and +mana/mv/hp are calculated separately. As far as hit and dam gear go in relative terms to the bonuses gained by natural (and modified) stats... I'd like to see the '0 factor' (the number at which damage and hitroll is 0) moved to 50. Perhaps in skilltrees. But the fact that a person with 30 str can achieve the same damroll as someone with 100 str (or as you point out, moreso) then they're spending rent which could very well be going to other things. Not only that, in order to reach the highest ends of damroll, you need the higher strength. A person with 30 str and all the damroll eq in the game is going to have less damroll than someone with 100str and all the damroll eq in the game. The person with 30 str however, regardless of their damroll statistics, are going to be significantly more susceptible to skills and whatnot that are based on strength. They don't get all the bonuses. Nor do they get to carry around as much gear, as heavy of gear, nor do they get to wield higher damage weapons. -Ruf

From: Rufus Wednesday, March 10, 01:53PM

On a side note... an analogy to the logic you provide in your example would be that if a person has an unmodified 22 strength, they can wear gear that pushes them above a person who has an unmodified 60 strength who is wearing no +str gear. The gear is there for everyone, regardless of your current strength. -Ruf

From: Mo Wednesday, March 10, 07:19PM

It is very much the case that the gear is out there for everyone, and the rent could be spent elsewhere -- if you intend to spam, in many cases. That aside, it is true that to reach the upper limits of damroll, you need high str -- however, to be 'as effective' it is a different story. From my pkill experience, str hits harder but has a big variance window due to their lack of consistency. Hence, all damroll bonuses given to str is still depending on this 'to hit' regardless of what their damage roll would have been. In the case of con or dex (con due to headbutt allowing them to hit more and damage more) each damroll given to them is in essence worth twice as much as that given to ppl with str -- same logic you apply to +hp gear being worth different amounts depending on the level of the user, damroll gear is worth different amounts depending on who it is that is using it. For example, this char with 40+ damroll, on the average probably does obliterates (taking into account the occasional 0 damage rounds as well as the +rage damcap rounds). On the other hand, for a sniper char to accomplish as much, if not more, you only need 20+ damroll or so, and chances are that you will have a good chance doing more damage than the strength char in question -- despite the near double damroll gap. Of couse the said chars will be more susceptible to skills, but then again the same applies to str chars who try to gain hitroll or hps (this char ha 34 hitroll, which still allows for numerous 0 damage rounds, some even against chars 10 levels lower). The only point of having damroll, in my experience, is that since pk is basically all luck (except fighting chars that can heal), as long as you can run, you can gamble for those big rounds that may prevent others from running in time. (or rather, only point of making a str char) Centering the 0 point to 50 sounds awfully good to me, be it for dex, perc or strength. Mo!

From: Celeste Wednesday, March 31, 10:30AM


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